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Help Desk Integrated With School Asset Management

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Help Desk

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GetHelp is the integrated Help Desk Solution built to support K-12 school districts across the nation.

Asset Management

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Manage the entire lifecycle of your school district’s assets with TIPWeb-IT, a solution that gives you confidence in your inventory data.

Instructional Materials

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Reduce your school district’s textbook losses with TIPWeb-IM, a simple, accurate instructional materials management solution.

Know Track Support what you have.

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K-12 Schools in the United States and Growing

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customized to the specific needs of your school district

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to meet the unique needs of K-12

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Physical Inventory

Let us do the hard work for you so you’re free to spend time and energy doing what really matters: enabling educators and students to teach and learn.


Our software integrations connect school district data from disparate systems to the Hayes Software Systems platform.

Consulting Services

Successfully transforming your organization isn’t just about software. You need the right people and processes in place.

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Hayes Software Systems Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does TIPWeb-IT integrate with Powerschool? Yes, we have an API plug-in for PowerSchool 12 and higher which will send student and staff demographic details to TIPWeb nightly. Hayes can help ensure any SIS system the district uses will be able to share data with TIPWeb-IT nightly either through an API or flat file transfer….Read More

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