Don’t Let This Be You! The Case for a Centralized Inventory Program

By Megan White

We often hear of school districts going through unsuccessful inventory audits where purchased assets are unaccounted for and policies intended to control assets are nonexistent. With separate processes and a lack of oversight, things can quickly get out of hand. Your school closets could end up with boxes of unopened laptops or iPads that your students and teachers need in their hands, which is exactly what just happened at New York City schools.

A recent audit by the comptroller’s office found that more than 1,800 computers were unaccounted for, and nearly 400 laptops and iPads hadn’t been opened. One of the reasons for the inaccurate data was the lack of a centralized inventory program. As individual school sites recorded their new inventory and it was sent to the district for entering into an inventory system, administrators noticed that the site and central office data were not lining up. Some computer serial numbers were even recorded multiple times, so the audit recommended switching to a centralized inventory system.

Hayes Software System’s TIPWeb-IT software offers districts the ability to integrate data directly from their purchasing system to give everyone a transparent view of purchases that should be inventoried.  TIPWeb-IT also tracks assets ID’s and serial numbers by barcode scanning to ensure assets are accurately accounted for. The system can track what assets a school is responsible for as well as what room, teacher, and even student has been assigned an asset.

With a centralized inventory system like TIPWeb-IT, educators and administrators at both the district level and school site will have real-time inventory oversight. Effective processes can easily be put in place and monitored with data about what assets the school has in active use, what was purchased and never barcoded, and where theft and loss is occurring.

Learn how Hayes Software Systems can save your district thousands in staff time and recovered assets by following our customized recommendations for process improvement. Visit us here for more information!

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