How Your Ideas Become a Part of Our Software in 5 Steps

By Jessica Zaleskisoftware

Here at Hayes Software Systems, we recognize our current and potential customers as invaluable collaborators when it comes to our product development process for inventory management automation. Our focus on K-12 enables us to always understand what new goals our customers want to accomplish and need in our inventory management software products for school assets and textbooks. New features and usability enhancements are added to our products as the result of suggestions from district and school level staff who perform these important inventory tasks every day. We’re committed to making your job easier, which is why listening to you and then actually taking action is at the heart of our development philosophy. Here’s how we do it.

1. We Listen to You
We like to maintain an open channel of communication; it is one reason why we let any user of a Hayes Software Systems product receive customer support by phone or email.  We also engage customers of all sizes and roles in one-on-one conversations, focus group discussions, surveys, and user group meetings (both virtual and in-person). Every time a current or future customer tells us about a change or addition they’d like to see in our school inventory management software, we document it. And we mean it when we say every time. Every single request is documented, no matter how big or small.

2. Prioritize Your Needs
Once we’ve gathered your input and understand how your request saves you time and improves efficiency, we prioritize it. While all of your requests are a top priority for us, if this feature is one that many school districts have a need for, we want to get that one to the top of our feature request list and out the door as soon as possible to help as many students, teachers and administrators as we can.

3. Research and Design
Our product management team goes beyond traditional customer research to figure out the customer’s beliefs, desires, and environment so we know how we can best implement the new feature for you. We also use these findings to design how the feature looks and how you’ll use it.

4. Quickly Develop and Test Your Idea
When it’s time to actually develop, your input shapes how the new feature works and looks. Once the new feature or addition is created, we spend hours testing it to work through all the possible ways you might want to use it before it gets to you, so you and your staff will be able to seamlessly use the new feature.

5. Release the Feature
Once the feature is created and tested, we plan a new version update and release it to you. And whenever there are new version updates, we’ll provide you with supporting documents, live online training as well as the recording so you’ll be able to take full advantage of what the school inventory management software has to offer. And we don’t stop there. We’re always adding new features and modifying existing features to closely meet customer needs of both the district level and school level inventory manager.

If you’re in need of getting a customized feature done faster, we can get you a free quote. Contact our Product Manager directly by emailing to get started.

Want a free quote for a customized feature request? Email to get started.

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