Are You Prepared? School Districts to Invest More in 1:1 and Instructional Materials in 2015

By Jessica Zaleski

Even though 2014 is over, looking back on the year can give us some insight about what’s in store for U.S. school districts in 2015. MDR’s state of the K-12 Market 2014 report, conducted by EdNET’s research team, found that when it comes to 2015 education trends, technology is in.

Kathleen Brantley, director of EdNET Insight, says, “Schools are more optimistic about their ed-tech budgets than they have been for the past few years.” According to the report, about 90% of districts will see their technology budgets stay the same or increase. The report also found that there is growing reliance on digital resources and a larger focus on the implementation of 1:1 initiatives and BYOD programs.

Research found that 44 percent of all U.S. districts say that 1:1 computing is implemented in their high schools, 36 percent in middle schools and 20 percent in elementary schools.

Because of this focus on 1:1 initiatives and BYOD programs, schools have more assets than ever that need to be tracked, reported and protected, and many may not be prepared for the mass influx of digital resources.

We know that you have critical student achievement goals you want to accomplish when you implement these new initiatives and thinking about inventory processes is the last thing on anyone’s mind but poorly managed inventory practices can make sustainability and oversight a constant struggle. You might find that with your current asset inventory procedures, staff members may be duplicating processes, performing unnecessary manual tasks or that critical responsibilities are not being performed.

Another great finding from the report? Instructional materials are making a big comeback. While budgets for instructional materials have decreased in the past few years, this year, one out of four districts expects their 2014-2015 instructional budgets to increase. And just as with technology assets, the more instructional materials your schools are responsible for, the greater the need for an organized, efficient inventory management program (believe it or not, textbooks are one of the most costly assets at your school!).

We understand the challenges that you and your staff face on a daily basis, and we’re passionate about making your jobs easier, and our consulting services coupled with TIPWeb-IM and TIPWeb-IT allow you to focus more of your time on your students and their education by reducing the hours that staff spend on inventory reporting. Districts who have implemented our software have been successful in getting all schools on board with being accountable for their instructional materials and IT assets, and been able to create a foundation for future inventory procedures.

To learn more about how we can help you meet your inventory control goals for 2015, contact us here!

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