How Hayes Helps: Technology Directors

TIPWeb inventory control solutions provide access to the right data, at the right time to aid in the decision making process.

TIPWeb-IT Asset Management Solution

Ensure your district has the infrastructure required to manage future technology initiatives by implementing a centralized inventory control system for IT assets. Manage the entire life cycle of items for long-term investment budgeting:  utilize damage and age reporting, broken down by site, to evaluate the needs of your district.

Benefits of asset management with TIPWeb-IT:

  • Easily perform internal audits to ensure asset data remains accurate for quick response to external auditors.
  • Centralize the purchasing process to maximize efficiency, cutting costs and decreasing redundant purchases.
  • Manage 1:1 initiative records to not only know which current student is assigned to what device, but also which student damaged it 3 years ago.

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