Make Your Life Easier as an Inventory Manager [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Sara Arthrell

In recent years, the influx of technology devices and instructional materials into school districts has changed the roles and responsibilities of an inventory manager. Effectively managing an accurate inventory presents its own set of unique challenges as schools strategize how to buy more with less time, money, and resources.

Typically we see inventory managers wearing many hats as they try and fulfill daily obligations necessary to ensure students and teachers have the materials they need for learning and instruction. With the inevitable inventory emergency hiding behind every corner, prioritizing tasks becomes the real challenge.

An automated inventory management solution can help make those tasks more manageable, giving you the time you need to fulfill other responsibilities. Over the last 26 years, Hayes Software Systems has worked with school districts from all over the country to help make roles easier for inventory managers. Whether focused on helping to manage a new 1:1 initiative or saving a district money by providing more accurate inventory oversight, we’re here to support you.

Let’s take a look at how an automated inventory management solution can help you maximize existing resources and transform how you do your job today.

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