Williams Settlement Impact on Textbook Accountability

How does the Williams Settlement affect textbook inventory management in California public schools?

The Williams case in California requires that all California public schools provide one textbook in four core subject areas for every student for use in the classroom with the ability to take it home to complete required homework assignments.


What tool can campuses use to insure they have the correct textbook inventory?

TIPWeb-IM from Hayes Software Systems gives you complete control over textbooks.

In two easy steps schools can:

  1. Order textbooks based on course enrollment
  2. Distribute books by barcode to students for precise reporting

Accurate inventory data enables you to put your textbook orders in early, ensuring you have the books you need before the start of school. Compare current inventory by title vs. projected enrollment requirements for accurate textbook ordering.

Verify that every student has a textbook during audits or on the fly when parents call to inquire about their student. Affix bar codes to textbooks and assign them to students and teachers with great accuracy. Easily print class roster book check sheets to prove that every student has been issued a textbook.

Hayes Software Systems’ TIPWeb-IM software provides precise tracking and powerful, easy reporting to show you an demonstrated to county superintendents or auditors that your students are receiving all the educational materials they need.

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