Top-Notch Programs for Top-Notch Tools

The education landscape is changing, and at Hayes, we love being part of it!

A couple of weeks ago, Education Dive published a piece by Marquitta Mitchell of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina.Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have been customers of Hayes Software Systems since 2017, utilizing our TIPWeb-IT & TIPWeb-IM to efficiently manage their assets and inventory.

In the article, Marquitta shares some of the challenges and successes that the district has encountered in their 1:1 initiative, and educator Kevin Poirier from West Charlotte High School weighs in on how they’ve used Hayes to streamline their system:

About two years ago, CMS swapped out their inventory system and inventoried its 200,000 devices using Hayes, what Poirier calls a “top-notch program,” to track the computers using scannable asset tags.”

Read the whole story here!

We’re so happy that we’ve been able to help Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and many other districts overcome the inevitable hurdles of integrating technology initiatives. As classrooms become more modernized across the nation, many districts are developing processes to keep up, just like in this article.

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