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RFID IconPhysical inventories can be so daunting. Countless mundane hours of touching every single asset across your district, manually counting mobile devices, projectors, access points, server rooms, and everything in between is dull, time-consuming, and leaves room for human error. Imagine if you could magically inventory everything within 14 feet of you in a few seconds,


Well… Actually, you can! Not with magic, but rather with RFID, you can speed up your inventory audit as if you were a superhero. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) incorporates a specialized handheld RFID Scanner which connects to your mobile device (tablet/phone) and transmits radio waves to communicate with specialized RFID asset tags applied to your assets. RFID technology is the solution to scaling your device inventory audits by addressing the challenges that strain your current processes – limited staff resources, increased inventory purchases, and an overwhelming number of building locations.

Become a superhero in your district by defeating inefficiency and inaccurate data with RFID. Here a few ways that RFID can help you save the day:

Tag Your District’s Assets with RFID

RFID tags can be read simultaneously and automatically by the RFID scanner. You don’t have to physically scan each asset, instead, the RFID scanner will read RFID tags within 14 feet. This means that you can instantly inventory your assets and mobile devices that are out-of-sight or hard-to-reach. You’ll be able to inventory projectors mounted to ceilings, stacks of tablets or laptops in storage or on a cart, routers and switchers overhead, just by being in the same room as them.

Make Confident Decisions Based on More Accurate Data

Not only does RFID give your technicians the capability to reduce manual data entry, save time, and increase accuracy. It also immediately syncs audit results with TIPWeb-IT automatically. When you reconcile inventory, your team can make real-time decisions based on accurate data. With a clear picture of what you have and where it is, you can make smarter purchasing decisions, saving your district time and money.

Cut Time Spent on Physical Inventory in Half

Depending on the size of your district, inventory at each school can take several days. With RFID capability, inventory can take a few hours. Research shows that RFID results in 20% reduction in labor-intensive process and a 25% reduction in underutilized inventory. By cutting down the time spent performing audits and making the process easier, you can conduct inventories more often with more ease-of-use, improving your data accuracy.

TIPWeb-IT with RFID is an inventory control solution designed to make your inventory audits easier, faster, and more accurate. Save hours of time by scanning multiple items simultaneously, helping to reduce the stress and frustration associated with conducting inventory audits.

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