Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Inventory Services

Now more than ever, technology is being used as a powerful tool for education in classrooms across the nation. As schools gain more valuable assets that enhance education, inventory needs are increasing rapidly. It’s important to develop lasting organizational strategies to manage the resources needed to build a well-rounded learning environment. 

Deploying an inventory strategy is essential when it comes to initially distributing assets, but also maintaining transparency throughout the lifetime of each asset. Unfortunately, inventory management is not without its challenges. Administrators and staff are already overwhelmed, losses can cost enormous amounts of money and time, and disorganization can result in vulnerability or in losing track of categorically funded assets. Additionally, manual data tracking leads to errors and other logistical nightmares.

Thankfully, there is a solution that can simplify and streamline your job. By outsourcing inventory services, you can increase overall productivity, accuracy, and time management within your system. Check out five reasons to deploy and outsource inventory services in your district:



1. Create Reliable Baseline Inventory Allowing for More Accurate Reporting and Ordering

This may seem obvious but is crucial. The assets purchased and sent to your schools for students are some of the biggest investments you make. How can you know what assets to replace or order if you don’t know what you have? By performing inventory reconciliation for your district we’ll uncover assets you didn’t know you had and get assets off your register that likely haven’t been in your district for years. A baseline inventory lets you roll out an inventory management system with confidence. You’ll know what you have, where it is, how it is being used, and how it was funded – giving you improved data to make purchasing decisions going forward.

2. Reduce Audit Risk for Categorically Funded Assets

Many of your assets are bought with funding sources that require oversight and reporting that is far more stringent than most districts have traditionally managed assets. Title funds, Special Ed, eRate, Grants, etc. all typically have reporting requirements as well as the possibility of being audited. By having an asset inventory performed by an independent, outsourced vendor, you will have better control of those categorically funded assets, reducing your risk of an unsuccessful audit.

3. Improve Employee Efficiency

Your staff members have better things they can be doing than searching for assets each time they need an accurate inventory count. Whether it’s preparing for online testing, knowing how much you need to budget for asset refreshes, or just wanting to know how many assets you have in a building – it is time consuming for your staff to find and count those each time the information is needed. Empower your employees to provide the great customer service you hired them for by giving them the tools they need to accurately manage inventory as efficiently as possible. Spending the time to track your inventory effectively will make ordering, receiving, and those dreaded year-end inventory counts a breeze. Working with the right inventory partner will make this process simple, accurate, and efficient. This will let your staff do what they do best…providing an education for your students.

4. Reduce Costs Through Outsourcing

You can reduce overall costs by outsourcing inventory services while you reap benefits such as accessing skilled expertise, reducing overhead, flexible staffing, increasing efficiency, and reducing turnaround. Our team is not only trained to be fast and efficient, but our time and skillsets are dedicated fully to your system, and they are sheltered from the distractions and responsibilities that naturally come with being a district employee. When you outsource auditing to a professional firm, you benefit from that firm’s ability to engage, train, and employ the best people in that field and earn a more efficient use of resources.

5. Objectivity

There is nothing worse than getting hit with a nonconformity from an audit when that same process passed the internal inventory team without a single flag. There can be many reasons why something like this happens. Often, you can point to the fact that your internal team may have difficulty holding their coworkers accountable. This doesn’t mean your internal staff aren’t trying their best… it simply means they’re too close to be objective. Having an outsourced and impartial inventory team asking the hard questions, finding the tough-to-find inventory, and declaring things that are lost or missing gives you better visibility, more accurate data, and reduces risk.

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