A Tool is Only as Good as its User

Successfully transforming your organization isn’t just about software…

You might have the best tools and the most powerful engine, but you need the right people and the right processes in place to ensure your system is performing at maximum capacity.

Districts across the nation constantly face difficulties like lack of documentation, systems changing, or turnover at any level. As your district continuously improves, you want to get the most out of your investment, so preparing for these obstacles is crucial.

Hayes Software Systems is here to provide guidance and assistance that will help you to lay a proper foundation for implementation of your inventory management system. Develop adoption initiatives, oversight structures, and communication capabilities you need to get the most out of your software investment, helping you accelerate the time to value, mitigate risk, and achieve better ROI.

Policy & Procedure Development

Hayes was founded by an educator in 1990 and is still committed to serving educators today. Many of our clients find that maintaining effective documentation is critical, but they don’t have the time and resources to develop an effective system, despite it being high-priority. Creating a consistent written process for their staff to follow to ensure uniformity of the data and adoption of the software is invaluable.

Consulting services experts will work with your staff to develop step-by-step processes, including defined roles and responsibilities, empowering consistent and effective inventory management across your district. This documentation “playbook” ensures that both new and existing staff can complete processes consistently across departments and schools within the district.

Change Management

Organizational change can be one of the most daunting challenges that districts face. You will be bringing in industry leading software to assist your districts growth, but that is twenty percent of the equation, the other eighty percent is the people using the system. Communicating strategies to users, gaining user buy-in, and project adoption can be difficult as the district grows, and new faces enter the department. Effective change requires buy-in from the top-down, and it’s imperative to successfully communicate a strategy and new mindsets to ensure a smooth user and project adoption. With Change Management, the district will have guidance on how to communicate a clear vision and direction to the internal stakeholders

Districts often face challenges such as:

  • Leadership often cannot include all stakeholders in the selection process of a new enterprise software
  • New software may replace a system that people were already familiar with, and they don’t want to change, even if it offers more benefits and functionality
  • Implementing a new software means different or increased responsibility for an individual stakeholder.
  • Districts haven’t had the opportunity or time to explain why they are adopting a new system

However, by communicating clear vision and promoting the goals of the project, leaders can bring clarity with change and provide understand surrounding what is necessary for success. Overseeing changes helps avoid project interruptions or derailment and fosters better collaboration and trust.

Hayes’ experts have implemented new systems in districts for decades and understand that effective change requires buy-in from the top-down, and it is imperative to ensure a smooth user and project adoption, which ultimately impacts the district’s ability to further the education of its students.

Process improvement

Continuous improvement is top-of-mind for all districts striving to grow. Over time, it’s important for administrators to continuously analyze district processes, identifying areas of success, risk, and improvement so that they can leverage best practices to increase productivity and balance accountability. Hayes consultants review your current processes, organizational structures, and goals to improve efficiency and help develop KPIs that measure progress.

In school districts across the nation, we know that change is the only constant. This means that processes and procedures require ongoing adjustments in order to remain efficient, maintain accountability, and constantly reflect the district’s growing goals and shifting priorities. Having the right system, people, and processes is a crucial element when managing inventory.

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