Don’t Be Left to Count Your Own Devices

ProBar and Hayes Software Systems have been working together to provide a turnkey solution for districts across the U.S. for almost a decade.

“In districts that have been without inventory for 2+ years, we’re seeing as high as 40%-50% of assets that we’re finding are new to the district.”

Mike Moss of ProBar


With a streamlined process that bundles inventory services with inventory management software, districts can establish a clean baseline and gain confidence in their inventory data. When it comes to textbooks or devices, outsourcing inventory services can increase overall productivity and accuracy while saving hours of district manpower.

With physical inventory services, your district can:

  • Gain confidence in the district’s inventory data and establish a baseline inventory of your assets and materials
  • Integrate the most updated information directly into your inventory control platform
  • Save your team the time and hassle of coordinating and executing an exhaustive audit

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About ProBar

ProBar is a full service Asset Management firm providing complete inventory solutions for Government, Education, Healthcare, and Commercial customers nationwide since 1962.

About Hayes Software Systems

By offering SaaS services tailor-made for the unique needs of education professionals for nearly 30 years, Hayes has helped over 8,000 schools, including 35 of the largest 100 districts in the country, implement asset management solutions.

Spring Cleaning? It’s the perfect time to start fresh by planning your district’s upcoming inventory. Check out 5 reasons that you should outsource your inventory and establish a clean baseline today:

Learn more about Physical Inventory Services can help your district establish a baseline today.

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