Hayes EDU: RFID 101 – How Does RFID Work?

So you know what RFID Technology is, you know the benefits of RFID. but do you know how it works?

RFID technology works by transmitting radio waves between an RFID scanner (i.e., interrogator) and an RFID tag, which is made up of a microchip with an antenna.

When a scanner sends out electromagnetic waves, the RFID tag attuned to receive the waves sends a unique signal back to the scanner. The microchip on the RFID tags holds information on the tag and relays the electronic product code (EPC) and asset tag number to the RFID scanner.

There are three essential elements involved in this transaction:

  1. Tags
    • RFID tags can be affixed to assets to be read by the reader. You can tag items that are mounted to ceilings or walls, stacked in carts or cabinets, and stored out-of-sight.
  2. Scanner/Reader
    • RFID tags can be read simultaneously and automatically by the RFID scanner. You don’t have to physically scan each asset, instead, the RFID scanner will read RFID tags within 14 feet.
  3. Software
    • What use is important data read from the tags without a way to store and understand it? Software enables you to collect and understand the information in order to manage inventory across your district.

So, once you have tags on your assets, a way to read those tags efficiently, and an inventory management platform, your district can save time, money, and resources, in addition to making confident decisions based on more accurate data.

Not only does RFID save your technicians valuable time, it also immediately syncs audit results into TIPWeb-IT. By automatically updating your database, your team can make real-time decisions based on accurate data.

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