Hayes EDU: RFID 101 – Why RFID?

Do you dread physical inventories? Inventory can lead to hours of physically counting assets, devices that may be forgotten or out-of-sighthard-to-reach items like projectors, access points, server rooms, and everything in between. This dull work is time-consuming, and leaves room for human error.  

Scanning inventory with RFID technology can easily pick up difficult-to-reach items in a room in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

You know what RFID is, and you know how RFID works, but what are some of the 

benefits to utilizing this technology? 

Cut time spent on inventories in half


Instead of manually counting every single asset across your district RFID allows you to inventory quickly within 14 feet of an item.  Mobile devices, projectors, network access points, server rooms, carts, and everything else in between can be quickly inventoried in a matter of seconds. Regardless if items are out of sight, or hard to reach, the time spent on your district’s inventory can go from a matter of days to a matter of hours.  

More accurate database 

Not only does RFID give your district the ability to reduce manual labor, cut down on inventory time, and increase accuracy, it also automatically syncs audit results with your database in TIPWeb-ITInitiate an audit in TIPWeb-IT or the TIPWeb-IT RFID mobile app, so the audit results sync automatically and  you can review results and reconcile exceptions in real time.  

With RFID, your district can make more confident decisions based on accurate, real-time data.  

Perform more frequent inventories 

Ease-of-use allows inventories to be conducted more often, improving your inventory data accuracy. The more frequently your district audits assets, the easier it is to maintain a healthy database. Streamlining inventory audits with RFID technology reduces the amount of labor required, helping discover underutilized inventory. By cutting down the time spent performing audits and making the process easier, you can conduct inventories more often, improving your data accuracy. 

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Learn how RFID and TIPWeb-IT can make your district’s asset management even more streamlined, helping you to gain more confidence in your data, increase accuracy, save time and resources. 

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