ICYMI: Tracking and Supporting Devices Beyond the Classroom

OApril 23rd, we hosted a virtual panel about how to track and support devices beyond the classroom. 

We had a great conversation with educational technology professionals about the processes they are creating to easily distribute devices, provide easy methods for staff and students to submit tickets, and enable education that expands beyond the classrooms.

In this conversation, districts from all over gathered (via Zoom!) to share ideas and discuss how they have overcome challenges presented by changing times.  

The discussion was moderated by AnnaMaria Gallozzi, one of the Solutions Engineers at Hayes Software Systems. She helps school districts across the country manage their resources more efficiently. AnnaMaria and her team help over 8,000 schools and 35 of the 100 largest school districts in the United States. 

We got to hear from three different districts across the nation and learn about how they are all leveraging their solutions in order to expand education beyond the classrooms. 

District technology leaders included: 

Bob Fishtrom 

Director of Technology 

Los Altos Mountain View, CA 

Greg Purcell 

Director Technology 

Rabun, GA 

Michael Procopio 

Director of Technology & Digital Learning 

Pemberton, NJ 

One theme of the conversation was planning for the unknownWhen it comes to developing new process for the future ahead of us, each district is figuring out new policies. One challenge that Greg Purcell is facing is helping students to access internet in a rural area. The district is currently focusing efforts on solving for this by getting hotspots distributed to staff and students 

In Pemberton, Michael says that district device policy was modified within a week of schools closing in order to allow for remote learning. The district has implemented new technology solutions like video platform testing. The technology department is using the opportunity to create new and better routines.  

In Bob Fistrom’s district, the technology department has encountered a department-wide mindset and culture shift when it comes to process efficiencies and accountability. He also highlighted another interesting takeaway from the panelthe growing need to sanitize devices for take home and upon collection. Hayes is now offering Sanitization Services to districts that want to ensure devices that are going into staff and students’ hands are free of harmful germs and infectious diseases.  Supporting these devices beyond the classroom is going to be a new part of process for not only these three districts, but many other districts across the nation, going forward.  

If you missed it, don’t worry! We recorded it so you could still tune in. Check it out!  

Consider us as a resource while you work through new processes and solutions with short notice and limited tools at hand. If you have any questions, we’re here for you. 

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