How K-12 School Districts Can Prepare for Future Pandemic Shutdowns

Getting Your Inventory Back on Track With Hayes Software

The first school shutdown wreaked havoc on students, faculty, and staff. In the frenzy to make learning accessible remotely, devices were quickly distributed before they could be properly accounted for and organized. 

Now, with some schools starting to shut down again and many others not far behind, school administrators and teachers are stressed trying to make sure their students have access to remote learning technology that works. 

Even with a vaccine on the horizon, implementing these management strategies now can save your district headaches in the coming months and for any future pandemics. Hayes Software Systems can help you manage your inventory of laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and other remote learning technologies, so there is one less thing to worry about amidst this chaos. 

Pandemic Impacts on School Districts

When K-12 schools pivoted to online learning in March, many logistics, including inventory management, fell through the cracks. 

For many schools with existing 1:1 programs – students who have school-issued laptops, tablets, or other learning tech they can take home –  they quickly adapted to accommodate distance learning. Because students already had individual devices assigned to them, the schools had a much easier time shifting to remote learning. 

However, for a lot of others, school districts scrambled to provide students with emergency take-home devices, essentially forcing them to create new 1:1s without proper tracking and documentation.

Now, school districts don’t know where their devices are, how to keep track of them, or which ones are even working. If some of them were missing, they wouldn’t know for sure because they don’t have the data or inventory management capabilities. 

If this sounds like your school district now, or if you’re trying to prevent this from happening in the foreseeable future, Hayes Software Systems has the perfect solutions. TIPWeb-IT for asset management and GetHelp help desk software will help transform how your school district keeps track of student learning technology and manages tickets.

Asset Management for Contact Tracing

Take Mountain View Los Altos Union High School district for example: A student went in to switch out a laptop that wasn’t working, and he later learned he tested positive for COVID-19. 

The first question was: when was he at the school? The second question was: who did he interact with who could have been exposed? With TIPWeb-IT, school administrators were able to identify the exact time the student was on campus because the system logged that he checked out a new laptop at 3:31pm. Yep, down to the minute. 

Combined with the timestamp, administrators used school surveillance footage to generate a contact tracing map of potential COVID-19 exposure. They informed the students and staff who had been in contact with the student to isolate, and in doing so, were able to curtail a potential school breakout.

Managing Your School’s Remote Learning Technology

In addition to functioning as a de-facto contact tracing service, what else can GetHelp and TIPWeb-IT do for your school district? From streamlining ticket management to providing you with detailed, digestible data, here’s how our software can help you:

Device Tracking Made Easy.

TIPWeb-IT offers wall-to-wall inventory to help you get back on track with locating and managing your devices. From the moment a device is issued to a student, it is logged in the system.

Any issues, repairs, or malfunctions are also logged, so you always have access to a comprehensive report on each device. And, because HelpDesk and TIPWEB-IT are seamlessly integrated, you can track the same piece of equipment when it’s being used for homework or if it needs a new charger.

Data Designed For K-12 Schools.

Our software was designed with educators and school administrators in mind, so you can gain confidence in having clean, easy-to-understand data in automated charts and graphs.

For example: Need to know how many laptops are currently checked out? Easy. Just a few clicks and you’ll be presented with the numbers and a simple, easy to read chart.

Does it seem like a lot of the tablets keep breaking? According to the data, yes, more tablets have malfunctioned this month based on how many tickets have been submitted. Our software takes the guesswork out of inventory management, so you can be confident in understanding your data and using it to make informed decisions.

Distance Learning Transformed.

Our user-friendly and intuitive design is also mobile-friendly. No matter if you’re in the classroom or on the go, you’ll be able to put in tickets and check on devices from anywhere.

If you’ve already been tracking your assets elsewhere, our software allows you to import data from third parties directly into the asset management system, saving you time so you can focus on what’s really important: students!

Socially-Distanced Auditing

Once the 1:1 devices are fanned out across the district, how can you verify that everything is running smoothly a month down the line? At the end of the semester? The next task is conducting regular audits to ensure that everything is where it needs to be, and if it’s not, you can fix it before problems arise. Don’t worry – audits don’t have to be stressful, even during a pandemic.

TIPWeb-IT with RIFD allows for contactless auditing up to 14 feet. That means you and your students can stay a safe distance apart while still conducting audits of your assets. We recommend 3 different types of audits to help ensure your data is clean and accurate: 

Real-Time Audits are: completed on a regular schedule; completed at random locations; and take less than 20 minutes to complete.

Situation Audits are: completed when an employee is hired or departs; completed when a change is made in the location of a group of assets (like a computer lab); and can be completed quickly – but must be timely.

Comprehensive Audits are: completed yearly; require an audit team; require extensive planning; involve stakeholders at district and campus levels; and include a reconciliation process.

Education in a Pandemic Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

Getting your inventory back on track doesn’t have to be stressful. TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp can make distance learning, hybrid learning, and even classroom learning easier to manage especially for teachers and students. Our intuitive, user-friendly design, clean, understandable data, and automatic logging will transform the way your district manages assets. Preparing for another school shutdown can certainly feel daunting, but Hayes can help you feel more organized and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

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