End of Year Device Collection Checklist

Prepared by Hayes Software Systems, below is a checklist to ensure your end of year device collection process runs smoothly.  


Prepare for Device Collection 

  • Establish collection locations  
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of team members  
  • Create device drop off schedule 
  • Design traffic flow plan (i.e. one way lines for car drop off, etc.) 
  • Determine team member training requirements on processes and procedures 

Develop Device Collection Processes and Procedures 

  • Choose workflows for statuses and notes (i.e. damage, storage) 
  • Decide receipt delivery method (i.e. printed, email, signature capture) 

Communicate Device Collection Process 

  • Email parents and guardians collection process plan and schedules for drop off  
  • Communicate process and schedules to team members 

Account for COVID-19 Protocols 

  • Ensure each collection campus has needed PPE for staff and students (i.e. hand sanitizer)  
  • Plan for device sanitization  

Prepare Device Collection Equipment 

  • Gather and test barcode scanners 
  • Determine any hardware and accessories needed (i.e. computers, chargers, extension cords) 
  • Send containers for device storage or transportation 
  • Label devices for start of school distribution (i.e. label devices with student names if returning back the same device next school year) 

Device Collection Wrap-Up 

  • Reimage devices  
  • Prep end of life assets for disposal or e-waste 
  • Conduct physical inventory  
  • Run required collection reports 

For an easy to print version of this checklist, click here.

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