Hayes Software Systems Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does TIPWeb-IT integrate with Powerschool?

Yes, we have an API plug-in for PowerSchool 12 and higher which will send student and staff demographic details to TIPWeb nightly. Hayes can help ensure any SIS system the district uses will be able to share data with TIPWeb-IT nightly either through an API or flat file transfer.

2. Can you print equipment labels from the system?

Yes, asset labels can be printed directly from TIPWeb-IT, but they can only print onto Avery paper labels which are not recommended for mobile devices. Paper labels are not durable enough for the wear they experience on laptop and tablets. Hayes also sells laminated poly labels that are durable and long lasting. If you already have asset tags on your devices, you can continue using them with TIPWeb-IT as long as there are no duplicate numbers and the barcode scanners you have read the labels. 

3. Within a room are you able to add a second sub-location? For example, a school that uses racks for the devices where each one gets its own space would need to be able to search for the specific spot and student name at handout.

Yes, first you need to set up the storage units in TIPWeb-IT as a “Parent,” so you’ll be able to search them by a tag number. Then, you can add devices as components and you’ll end up with a master list of the devices and where they’re supposed to go. You can also add the slot/spot number under the Tag Notes section when viewing the Tag Information.

4. How do you transfer over student data?

Hayes can help ensure any SIS system the district uses will be able to share data with TIPWeb-IT nightly either through an API or flat file transfer.

5. Can the inventory report be run based off of classes in the SIS for devices assigned to students? 

Yes, under the students tab, you have the ability to populate a “homeroom” but it doesn’t necessarily have to be their official homeroom class. In the tags grid, you can run reports based on grade or location. 

6. What about physical inventory like furniture or desks? In case of a disaster and for insurance purposes, can you use Hayes software to catalog these items?

We see districts track these untagged assets in our free warehouse module of TIPWeb-IT. We recommend having a specialized team for physical inventory visit your campus and give you a good baseline inventory. While some school districts and schools have a dedicated inventory team, that is not the case for everyone. If you need inventory services, Hayes actually has a team specifically for this and can come to your site to complete a strong baseline inventory to get you off to a great start.

7. Are users able to send an email to a simple address instead of using the GetHelp portal?

Yes. There are three ways to submit a ticket. The user portal is an easy to use option for staff and students which displays their assets assigned to them from TIPWeb-IT and lets them view self-help knowledge base articles created by the tech team. The second option, email-to-ticket, uses an pre-designated email alias by GetHelp to create a ticket with the information in the subject, body, and attachments of the email. The third option is for the technician to create a ticket on behalf of the person who is asking for help. 

8. Does GetHelp offer gamification for technology staff?

GetHelp doesn’t currently offer head-to-head games with point tracking but you can look up stats based on each technician, like who has completed the most tickets in a given amount of time, and you can use those stats to incentivize your tech staff.

9. Can you edit the device details to include the warranty information? And can you have GetHelp send pre-timed and predetermined emails to staff and students to alert them when a device’s warranty period is ending?

You can track warranty information in custom fields or you can use the expiration date which autocalculates based on the purchase date and the project life of the asset model. At this time, we don’t have the capability for an alert to be sent automatically to the parents/students/staff.

10. Is there a plan for text message alerts to notify users of ticket updates?

As of now, we don’t support text notification, but we do have email notifications for ticket updates.

11. Is there a mobile app and can it be used to scan and input asset tags?

There are two apps available to users. TIPWeb-IT has a native app for iOS and Android whereas the standard url for GetHelp is built to be mobile responsive from your phone’s browser. However, you can save a shortcut icon for GetHelp directly to your phone’s home screen for quick access.

TIPWeb-IT from the mobile app enables users to audit inventory, look up assets, collect assets and move assets room to room.   

GetHelp from the mobile responsive site enables users to create tickets and manage tickets. Ticket numbers aren’t scannable because they’re not barcodes or QR codes, but you can search the numbers or use the dashboard cards.

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