Eight Essential Questions to Answer Before Starting This Year’s Device Distribution

As Summer comes to an end, districts are preparing for device distribution. Going into distribution day can be nerve racking, but at Hayes, we want to make the transition into this school year as smooth as possible. We have created a complete guide to help easily navigate and prepare for the beginning of the year device distribution. Scrambling to get these items together the day of is stressful and not ideal, but by utilizing this checklist your distribution day will flow with ease!

  1. Establish where and when you will hold distribution and who is allowed to pick up the devices.

    Decide if you will be distributing during school hours, before school, after school, or at a parent/teacher day. Where will the distribution site be? Knowing the specifics beforehand, and properly communicating this to parents and staff will help improve the flow of distribution day and eliminate confusion the day of. Also, establish if parents will have the ability to pick up devices for multiple children at a single location, even if one does not attend that campus.

  2. Decide which devices will be distributed.

    Knowing exactly which devices will be distributed is essential to ensuring the right device is assigned to the correct student, and reduces room for errors. Clearly communicating to staff and students before distribution day on what they should expect to receive will help avoid confusion on distribution day.

  3. Ensure each location has enough devices based on enrollment.

    It is essential that each campus has the correct number of devices for that location in order to successfully perform a device distribution. Not having enough devices for the enrollment at each campus can cause major delays in the distribution process.

  4. Communicate to parents and students any needed paperwork required when picking up their device.

    Most of the time these documents include, but are not limited to AUP’s and insurance information. If paperwork will be required, be sure to send this out ahead of distribution day and be prepared on site to provide.

  5. Review any COVID protocols that may be required.

    Providing gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, etc. to ensure the safety of staff, students, and parents.

  6. Provide necessary equipment.

    This list includes laptops, mobile devices, scanners, tags, pens, and labels. Having all of these easily accessible and in a centralized location will ensure the flow of your distribution.

  7. Train staff on distribution day protocols.

    Train the staff on specific protocols to follow during distribution, and plan out specifics such as: if the students will need to sign into the device, if fees will be collected, and what accessories are included (mouse, chargers, cases, etc.). This will help shorten the process on distribution day and help the flow of the line.

  8. Document and communicate processes in an easy to understand fashion.

    What are the roles and responsibilities? Are there trainings on how to use the asset management system? What are the guidelines on who gets which devices?

Considering these eight essential questions, your distribution day is set to run as smoothly as possible!

Find a printable pdf here: Distribution Checklist


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