Comply with State and Federal Asset Management Regulations

Keep detailed updates to ensure assets purchased with special funds are placed and used appropriately. 

 Track Categorically Funded Assets


Know where each categorically funded asset is located. From campus to classroom, know where each asset is located to ensure proper usage of the asset. 

Report With Ease


Easily run report on categorically funded assets increase accountability and retention of assets, as well as ensuring a continuation of funding.

District Oversight


Identify and report on details of individual assets and textbooks, including change status, funding and purchase information and more.  Our platforms seamlessly integrate with other systems for centralized access to create consistency in data.

Real-Time Audits 

Completed on a regular schedule; completed at random locations; and take less than 20 minutes to complete. 

Situation Audits 

Completed when an employee is hired, departs, or when a change is made in the location of a group of assets (like a computer lab). This audit can be completed quickly – but must be timely.

Comprehensive Audits 

Completed yearly and requires an audit team and extensive planning. This audit involves stakeholders at district and campus levels; and include a reconciliation process. 

“It is so easy to go into TIPWeb-IT and assign payments and issue devices to students. The year after implementing TIPWeb-IT has been our best year.``

- Greg Purcell, Rabun County School District

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