Lifecycle Management Services for K-12

Maintain oversight of your district assets by campus, classroom, or teacher. 

Document Purchase to End of Life


 Utilizing an asset management system allows districts to track large quantities of information on each individual asset. View purchasing information, asset issuance history, help desk requests and when it is time to dispose of an asset, districts can track that too. 

Plan for Loss and Replacement


Understand the depreciation of assets, easily view warranty information and prepare for replacement at the end of the asset lifecycle.

Budget and Forecast


Reduce the margin of error by having complete insight into total inventory surplus, and needs based on real time enrollment. 


“I can tell you exactly how many assets my district has and their total value.”

- Nick DePauw, Director of Information Technology, Patterson USD (CA)

“We entertained the idea of taking the inventory ourselves for a long time, and I am so glad we didn’t.”

- Michelle Wylie, Accountant, Lockhart ISD (TX)

With Hayes Software Systems, Your School District Can:

Gain confidence in your school’s inventory data by streamline your 1:1 device distributions and collections. 

Monitor the most updated information directly in your inventory control platform, ensuring that your assets are equitably distributed. 

Save your team the time and hassle of coordinating and executing an exhaustive audit by taking advantage of our physical inventory services. 

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