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Administrators need the ability to manage assets and inventory at the district level. Asset and textbook management systems allow admins to identify and report on details of individual assets or textbooks including change status, funding or purchase information and more.  Hayes Software Systems platforms seamlessly integrate with your school district’s other systems for centralized access to create consistency in your data and maximize accountability across schools and campuses. 

Integrate with your fixed asset system and utilize RFID to make physical inventory a breeze.

Manage District Budgeting and Finances

Comply with State and Federal Asset Management Regulations

It’s an absolute necessity to track and report on categorically funded assets like Title I, E-Rate, SPED or Cares Act.

Employing an asset management software allows districts to report on every asset purchased with special funding including status change, funding and purchase information, assignment location and more. 

Budget and Forecast for the Entire District

Have insight into total inventory surplus and eligibility needs based on real time enrollment. 

Utilizing inventory management software systems allow districts to gain visibility into the lifecycle of inventory by campuses, grade, course, and teacher and plan accurately for future purchases. 

Monitor and Audit Assets Throughout Their Life Cycle

Meet funding and state compliance needs to provide appropriate historical documentation for reporting and audits

Utilizing asset management software allows districts to report on the depreciation of assets, identify equipment coming up to end of life, and locatequipment to take advantage of warranty replacement.  

Reduce Margin of Error and Tedious Processes with Our Platforms



Manage the entire lifecycle of your school district’s assets with TIPWeb-IT, a solution that gives you confidence in your inventory.



Reduce your school district’s textbook losses with TIPWeb-IM, a simple, accurate instructional materials management solution.

Know Track Support what you have

Districts need an easy to use tracking system that provides simpleaccurate reporting on what assets the district owns, where those assets are, automates the transfer of assets between buildings, assigns to individuals, and documents the repair or disposal of inventory. 

Our Commitment to Student Privacy

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