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Asset Management Software for K-12 Schools

Manage the entire lifecycle of your school district’s assets with TIPWeb-IT, a solution that gives you confidence in your inventory data. 

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Electronic signatures allow your school district to digitally capture receipt signatures while checking out learning devices to students and staff.

TIPWeb-IT integrates with your SIS to make sure student and staff information is up-to-date and accurate, ensuring a seamless distribution and collection process for your 1:1 devices.

The SIS integration allows parents to have insight into what is assigned to their student.

Complete Visibility

Identify and report on details of individual assets, including change status, funding and purchase information, and more.

Support your school district with a platform that:

  • Seamlessly integrates with your school district’s other systems for centralized access
  • Creates consistency in your data
  • Maximizes accountability across schools and campuses

Know, Track, and Support Your Educational Assets

Understand what you have, where it is, and how it is being used. TIPWeb-IT allows your administrators to:

  • Expand visibility and oversight into your data from all directions
  • Maintain a big-picture view of the health and future of your school district’s assets
  • Create powerful reports to drill down into valuable details.

Use our calculator to project estimated time savings and ROI that your school district can gain by implementing TIPWeb-IT.

Manage unlimited assets, track mandatory funding compliance, report asset depreciation, and simplify your staff and student 1:1 initiatives with easy device assignment. 

``We are now fiscally responsible and make data-driven purchasing decisions because of our implementation of TIPWeb-IT. It has been a tremendous endeavor, but much needed and meaningful.``


``Our $75M tech bond called for replacement of network infrastructure and classroom tech. We needed a system that could scale for our massive asset growth, powerful auditing capabilities for accountability, and an integrated focus on K-12 solutions. Hayes and TIPWeb-IT delivered.``


“TIPWeb-IT holds all of our inventory data and makes it easy to look up student, staff, and device details. Within a minute, I can tell you exactly how many assets my district has and their total value.”


TIPWeb-IT Empowers Your School District to:

Time and Cost Savings

Supplement your finance system, centralize the purchasing process, track important funding 

Scale as Needed

Unlimited users and assets, giving you freedom to manage your inventory in the way that best fits your needs 

Streamline Your 1:1

Distribute to staff and students, manage and track assets that enable education to expand beyond the classroom 

Audit in Real Time 

Watch the results update instantaneously from your desk 

Superpower Your Audits

Complete physical inventory 20% faster with RFID by simultaneously scanning multiple items, even if they are out-of-sight or hard-to-reach 

Automate Data

Seamlessly integrate and centralize data between systems, including SIS, HR, purchasing, fixed asset systems and MDM.  

Setting You Up for Success

Hayes Hosted Tech-Specs

Read More About Tech-Specs

Dedicated IT support ensures that your data is backed up, your software is updated and maintenanced by experts.


TIPWeb is a browser-based, secure platform, hosted on AWS, accessible via mobile & desktop browsers. (2048-Bit SSL).


Access TIPWeb 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a guaranteed up-time availability of 99.99%.

The Customer Journey

Read More About Tech-Specs

Dedicated Implementation Team

You’ll be guided through the implementation phase by a dedicated team of experts.

Comprehensive Staff Training

Hayes Software Systems conducts training for users of the application that will outline how to maximize your software solution’s impact and efficiency for your staff.

Unlimited Customer Support

We pride ourselves in allowing every user, no matter how big or small the issue, unlimited access to an expert to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Scanners & Tags to Optimize Your Inventory Control

Read More About Scanners and Tags

Hayes offers a full range of asset tags and barcode labels. Our experts will help you determine which tags and labels are the best fit for your varied assets.


Automate processes with scanners and tags, increasing accountability and retention.


Handheld scanners are compatible with TIPWeb and will reduce human error caused by tedious, manual data entry.


Create a strong foundation for your inventory control with barcode labels, asset tags, and easy-to-use, handheld barcode scanners. For additional browser and platform specifications or recommendations, contact us.


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