Whittier City School District 

Whittier School District Integrates TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp for Streamlined Asset Management 

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Location: California

Campuses: 11

Enrollment: 6,500

Whittier City School District is a culturally and financially diverse school district in the Los Angeles Basin, serving over 6,500 students across 11 campuses. In their search for an asset management platform, the district had some important priorities: they wanted a solution in place that would allow them to keep track of all district assets and quickly see who each device was assigned to. Whittier City School District searched for a platform that would increase district-wide accountabilityThe school district adopted TIPWeb-IT asset management in 2016.  To keep their technology support streamlined, Whittier adopted the integrated help desk solution, GetHelp in 2019, allowing them to track and support assets with ease.  


When Whittier City School District started planning to roll out largescale technology initiative, they knew they would need a new asset management solution.  When Director of Technology Manuel Plascencia first joined Whittier School Districts team five years ago, they were looking to implement a 1:1 initiative The school district needed to assign staff and student devices while ensuring accountability asset’s safety. Implementing TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp decreased the risk of losing school funds from damaged and missing assets. In addition to Whittier’s challenges surrounding inventory, the school district saw a need for a ticketing system that allows technicians to feel confident and easily access their work orders.








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SIS Integration

Whittier City School District implemented TIPWeb-IM as the inventory management solution to streamline their instructional material management and simplify audits. With the implementation of TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp, Manuel can expand oversight of assets and streamline the school districts entire asset management and ticketing process.  Whittier City School District can be confident that they know who has what device, where it is, and how its being used. With digital e-receipts and documentation, students and their guardians have increased accountability for assigned learning devices.  

With GetHelp, end users can feel confident that they are supported when submitting tickets. The integration of the two systems also allows technicians to see assigned asset details within the ticket, preventing the need to log in and out of disparate systemsultimately saving time. 


Increased accountability

Streamlined 1:1 implementation 

Integrated & centralized asset management platform 

Whittier experienced increased oversight, accountability, and efficiency upon implementing an integrated ancentralized asset management platform. In addition to these benefitshaving these two systems integrated prior to COVID has been a big success for the district, says ManuelIt’s not just handing out devices and putting the name down. The data comes from our SIS so that were distributing devices with accurate information. With that information centralized, we can quickly verify that each device is assigned correctly. 

Beyond streamlining the responsibilities of technicians and administrators, other staff members see benefits, too. GetHelp has changed teachers attitudes toward help desk systems With GetHelp and TIPWeb-IT together, technicians can access important information about the devices they are servicing, providing the resources teachers need to teach and that students need to learn.