Allen Independent School District

Inventory management software reduced losses at schools by 75%.

Allen Independent School District


Location: Allen, TX

Campuses: 22

Enrollment: 19,000

Allen Independent School District was faced with a challenge. One in which their instructional materials losses were higher than they felt was acceptable, and their tracking process was too labor-intensive for the staff resources available. School level Administrators wanted to increase student accountability for textbooks and manage inventory losses. District level Administrators realized they needed a centralized system designed to allow them to implement a streamlined instructional material management process.

By upgrading to TIPWeb-IM, Hayes Software Systems’ web-based software solution for instructional material inventory management, Allen ISD was able to reduce their student textbook losses by 75%, as well as increase the efficiency of conducting school inventory audits.

The accountability we now have was such a huge factor for choosing this program


Allen ISD had been utilizing, with great success, their site-based software program, TIP for Windows, from Hayes Software Systems. While the TIP for Windows software product worked very well for individual campuses, additional functionality was needed to make their district-wide processes more efficient and provide additional accountability. The school inventory request process was also entirely manual – phone calls and emails were sent to the district office by school administrators whenever additional inventory was needed.

Because their current system was site-based, the district office wasn’t able to determine which students had books checked out to them at the end of the year. Only school level administrators could assess charges to those students. Disconnected data access ultimately aected the bottom line resulting in thousands of dollars in losses. Allen ISD believed they could cut back considerably on inventory losses while gaining efficiencies by upgrading to a web-based, centralized inventory tool.


TIPWeb-IM District-Wide


Client since 1999

Allen ISD upgraded their textbook management system to TIPWeb-IM for three key reasons:

  1. TIPWeb-IM provided centralized, real-time inventory accountability across the entire district.
  2. TIPWeb-IM’s reputation for ease-of-use was necessary for training resources and for the high turnover of assistant principals responsible for textbook inventory at the school level.
  3. TIPWeb-IM’s ability to automate workflow minimized the requirements of the district and campus staff when adding new inventory and returning surplus back to the district warehouse.

“The accountability we now have was such a huge factor for choosing this program,” said Jared Miller, House 600 Principal at Allen High School. “One of the best parts is being able to log-in from anywhere to the program from any desktop or laptop. This saves so much time when we’re doing audits or when we find a book on the bus and need to see who it belongs to in the district quickly.”

TIPWeb-IM pulls in updated student and teacher demographic data and schedules from the district’s student management system every night, so campus administrators aren’t responsible for any manual data entry. TIPWeb-IM keeps accurate student accountability records. Schools can now assess charges to students for lost or damaged materials and send notices to parents. Students with outstanding charges on their records are easily identified so that books aren’t checked out to them until their records are cleared.


Reduced textbook losses by 75%

Improved speed of which a lost book gets back to correct student

Improved inventory processes and time spent

Allen ISD recognized immediate positive results. They reduced their losses by 75% in their first year through recommended material management practices and the use of Hayes Software Systems’ TIPWeb-IM product. “We were able to stop students from grabbing a classroom set book and turning it in as their own at the end of the year. The accountability in place now is recognized by everyone – administrators, teachers, students, and parents,” said Miller. To assist with policy compliance, the district runs side-by-side comparative reports throughout the year to observe and identify the losses at each school.