Atascadero Unified School District

Atascadero increases transparency and accountability with the implementation of TIPWeb-IT with Aeries integration and GetHelp with Google SSO feature.

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Location: Atascadero, CA

Campuses: 12

Enrollment: 4,687

Atascadero Unified School District is dedicated to student success through collaborating and partnerships. Candy Smet, Director of Technology in Atascadero USD was eager to find a way she could manage her district’s inventory while also creating maximum transparency and visibility to parents regarding their children’s devices. The district’s previous software didn’t integrate with their SIS system, Aeries. This meant that not only did parents have restricted access to the information they needed, but the information wasn’t accessible across the district’s many departments. As Atascadero USD was moving to a 1:1 program, she knew they needed to upgrade their system to support the scope of the district’s needs, with an emphasis on an integrated system that allowed maximum visibility for parents.

Integrating GetHelp was so easy, it just took the flip of a switch to get started


Prior to upgrading to TIPWeb-IT, Atascadero’s previous software didn’t integrate with their SIS system, Aeries. Visibility and accountability between parents, students, staff, and tech administration was limited, and inter-departmental transparency was nonexistent. “No one else had access to the system. No one else could see what the inventory was,” says Candy Smet, Atascadero’s Director of Technology. 

Before upgrading their asset management and integrating their system fully with TIPWeb-IT, GetHelp, and their SIS, the school district had entirely disparate systems. A lack of streamlined efficiency could leave districts vulnerable to inaccurate data reporting, limited transparency, and potential asset loss. In addition to disparate systems, a clunky interface, and limited visibility, the district’s previous system had unresponsive customer support. In order to roll out a 1:1 initiative with maximum accountability and efficiency, Atascadero’s administrators knew that they needed to find a comprehensive, streamlined, and integrated system.


When it came time to roll out their 1:1 initiative, the district chose Hayes’s TIPWeb-IT asset management system due to its depth of features and robust reporting. With TIPWeb-IT, they can easily assign and collect devices, update locations, and track asset history. Reports that used to take hours to extract from their spreadsheets can now be pulled in minutes. This has significantly streamlined day-to-day processes, improved district oversight of the entire lifecycle of assets, and has improved accountability with students.

In addition to TIPWeb-IT with Aeries Integration, Atascadero was one of the first districts to utilize the newest powerful tool that Hayes has to offer, GetHelp. With their new integrated help desk system, Atascadero USD can manage tickets with ease in an integrated cloud-based platform that works alongside TIPWeb-IT to manage assets and their lifecycle. “Integrating GetHelp was so easy, it just took the flip of a switch to get started,” said Candy. The district’s streamlined integration doesn’t just stop there. The entire district can access GetHelp using Google SSO. Students and staff can use their Google Apps, Google Apps for Education, or GSuite credentials to create and oversee their work order tickets for issues and requests of school district staff and students.


Increased visibility for parents

Integration with existing SIS

Helpdesk integration with Google Suite

Centralized system for maximum efficiency

The Aeries integration with TIPWeb-IT allows for parents to view the device condition in the same portal they were already using to check student’s attendance and grades. With the GetHelp Google integration, and visibility across departments, Atascadero has ultimate accountability and transparency across multiple departments. 

Atascadero’s current system has saved the district time and improved parent-school communication. “Everything that we do in school is based on how we get the information to the parents,” explains Candy. Additionally, TIPWeb-IT supported the district’s successful 1:1 initiative rollout

And perhaps most importantly, Hayes fully supports the needs of the district. Not only did the Hayes team take customer feedback into account and produce product updates that fit Atascadero’s needs, but the support team is available to ensure that the districts always have what they need. “Hayes has fabulous tech support. I think that’s huge. Customer Support always follows through and keeps us updated.