Kerrville ISD

Kerrville ISD Improves Asset Visibility and Empowers End-Users with TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp


Location: Kerrville, TX

Campuses: 10

Enrollment: 4,950

Kerrville ISD is located 60 miles northwest of San Antonio. The district began in 1890, born from one community member’s desire to create a first-rate school to deliver high-quality education. Today the school still supports that mission by bringing education to all students and ensuring they have the resources they need to succeed. 


Kerrville implemented TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp at the end of the school year in 2020. Historically, Kerrville had no asset management system in place. When many schools began going virtual in the spring of 2020, Kerrville’s Director of Technology, Cody Caddell, knew they needed an asset management system and help desk system. “We needed to hand out all these devices when things went virtual. I already knew I wanted an asset management system, but that made it priority number one” Because the need was so sudden, Kerrville initially used spreadsheets for device management. This created problems with data accuracy. Cody had ten schools handing out devices, and even though he gave thorough instructions and an identical form to each school, everyone had their preferred distribution method. “I got back jumbled data,” Said Cody Caddell. “It was difficult getting devices checked out and collected because I’m relying on bad data, I’m relying on excel spreadsheets.” 





When Kerrville got devices back for the summer, they had TIPWeb-IT up and running. They sanitized devices, added barcodes, and input data to TIPWeb-IT. Cody began training librarians to use TIPWeb as his “first line of defense,” giving them specific non-admin permissions. “If I were still relying on those garbage Excel Spreadsheets, I never would’ve known who has what and how many devices were in circulation.” Said Cody, “With TIPWeb, we’re able to track inventory, know device locations, device serial numbers, and which devices are assigned to.” To keep data clean, Cody uses permissions to limit the number of users who can manipulate data, solving the problem of “too many chefs in the kitchen.” To clean up their data even further, Kerrville plans to audit towards the end of the year.  Cody bundled GetHelp with TIPWeb-IT, allowing for powerful ticketing with detailed device information. With GetHelp, Cody can build out a knowledge base that will enable users to resolve issues on their own. 


Increased Visibility

User Empowerment

Less Stress

Superintendents and the curriculum department often ask how many devices they have to ensure the district has enough devices for students. At one point, this was a difficult question to answer with a specific number but was made easy by TIPWeb-IT; it gave Cody “a handle on the data.” GetHelp replaced Dell as Kerrville’s help desk; Cody’s favorite thing about GetHelp has been the ability to build out a knowledge base. Building out GetHelp’s knowledge base empowers end-users to resolve issues independently without even needing to submit a ticket, easing some of the workloads on technicians. Something unique that Kerrville does to make managing inventory even easier is they have different tags for device models assigned to schools. Cody describes this process “Because we have the same device models located at multiple campuses, we assign each campus a series of barcodes. All Starkey devices are tagged with a 6000 series tag. All Daniels devices are tagged with a 2000 series tag. So we can tell where a device belongs based on the tag number without even opening or scanning a device.