Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District

MVLA Streamlines Asset Management and Support with TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp


Location: Mountain View, CA

Campuses: 4

Enrollment: 4,600

Mountain View Los Altos Union is a diverse school district in Silicon Valley, serving nearly 4,600 students across two high schools, an adult education center, and an alternative high school. When the Director of IT, Bob Fishtrom, first joined MVLA, he wanted to give school staff an easy way to track and support their BYOD initiative and improve student access to technology. The district did not have an asset management system in place and was also in need of a user-friendly help desk system with the ability to build out a knowledge base. The help desk system also required to have front-end customization, giving staff the ability to quickly input problem types and resolve common issues.  


When MVLA moved to distanced learning during the pandemic, there was a massive influx in demand for devices. With this demand comes a critical necessity for a software solution that can track inventory, quickly assign devices, and create accountability—the need to understand what the school currently has in stock and where items were located became apparent. The school district also needed a help desk that integrates its asset management solution with easy data flow between systems.


MVLA began implementing TIPWeb-IT to modernize its asset management process and improve data accuracy. The integration with GetHelp provided users with an easy-to-use system to track support tickets. These two integrated systems created one powerful solution to eliminate disparate systems and resolve tickets efficiently without back and forth.  Having details of an asset in the support ticket history within TIPWeb-IT helped the school manage an asset’s complete lifecycle from purchase, repair, and disposal.   

GetHelp allows MVLA to tailor the software to the needs of his school. The customizable menu allows you to be specific to common issues staff face, and from there drill down into the issue type such as an SIS (School Information System) and pinpoint a campus level SIS person before it goes to a district SIS person. It makes life a lot easier. 


Detailed reports

Efficient ticketing

Rapid device distribution

Bob Fishtrom was able to get TIPWeb-IT implemented just in time for pandemic shutdowns and remote learning. When distributing devices for take-home devices, MVLA enacted a drive-through system. TIPWeb-IT made this distribution method extremely fast and efficient. Staff quickly scanned IDs and devices, assigning them to students. This process typically took 15 seconds per person.  Bob indicated that “We were knocking kids and families through the device distribution line in under 30 seconds for both Chromebooks and a wireless hotspot if needed. It was extremely effective.”  

 MVLA was also able to use TIPWeb-IT for contact tracing, potentially preventing the spread of COVID-19. A student went to a campus to switch out a Chromebook, and soon after, he tested positive for COVID-19. The staff needed to quickly figure out when the student was on campus and who he may have interacted with; because MVLA has TIPWeb-IT, school administrators identified the exact time the student was on campus through the device checkout time. That time stamp, along with the school’s video safety surveillance system, allowed administrators to create a contact tracing map for potential exposure and instruct those in contact to self-isolate, stopping a possible school outbreak. 

Although GetHelp is new at MVLA, Bob already sees its benefits. “It’s going to stop the back and forth involved with tickets.” When someone goes to submit a ticket, it will be easily routed to the correct person to resolve, and helpful articles will appear on the side related to the user’s problem. Once people get used to this system, Bob believes the number of calls will drop and reduce and streamline the IT department’s workload.