Patterson Unified School District

Patterson USD’s $5 Million 1:1 Initiative Simplified with the Implementation of TIPWeb-IT

Patterson Unified School District


Location: Patterson, CA

Campuses: 11

Enrollment: 5,598

Nicholas De Pauw, the Director of Information Technology at Patterson Unified School District, was eager to find a more efficient way to manage his district’s inventory. With a 1:1 initiative quickly approaching and the district about to purchase nearly 6,000 new Lenovo devices, he knew their current system wouldn’t be able to support the project’s scope. Additionally, no one at the district knew what assets they had or how to properly track district-owned devices. If they didn’t make a change soon, they wouldn’t be able to track repairs tied to devices, or hold students accountable, ultimately putting the success of their 1:1 in jeopardy.

The onboarding piece actually worked even better than expected. Hayes provided support during every aspect of the project, from start to finish.


Patterson USD struggled to see what technology was checked out to a student. As a result, the district was unable to verify what technology was currently being utilized, and what additional technology they needed to support their students.

“The system we were using was impossible, it was so antiquated and difficult to upload information into,“ said De Pauw. Frustrated with the data inaccuracies, the district resorted to using other more manual solutions. “When we weren’t using that system, we were using Excel and Google Sheets—it was monstrous.”

An additional challenge for Patterson USD was performing a physical inventory of their technology. The process was time consuming, often resulting in delayed audits or missed audits altogether.


TIPWeb-IT District-Wide


Client since 2016

De Pauw first met with Hayes in March 2015 while learning about how easy and efficient it is to assign inventory to students in TIPWeb-IT. By integrating with Aeries, the district’s Student Information System, De Pauw’s team could see information about a student (name, ID number, building location, and grade level) directly in TIPWeb-IT.

No more need to manually check spreadsheets as students were issued their devices, or hunt down paper work to verify a student’s receipt of their inventory. Simply scan the student’s ID and the device’s barcode to complete the assignment process. De Pauw provided additional accountability by electronically capturing a student’s digital signature on a distribution receipt in TIPWeb-IT. “

Having an inventory system that can directly link with our SIS is wonderful,” De Pauw says of their new solution. “Our student data is always up-to-date, making the work our sites do run that much smoother.”

De Pauw was wary of transferring his team‘s processes and systems over to a new way of tracking assets at his district, but with Hayes’ assistance, the transition was smooth and turned out better than even De Pauw himself could have hoped. “The training with Hayes was fantastic—the solution worked exactly as promised,” De Pauw said. “The onboarding piece actually worked even better than expected. Hayes provided support during every aspect of the project, from start to finish. The people on the phone doing the work actually cared about our project, our success, and our district.”
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Real-time visibility and improved inventory efficiency

Decreased time spent conducting audits

Increased confidence in data and accountability of assets

De Pauw is happy to report that the district’s 12,033 devices and 4.68 million dollars worth of equipment are now easily tracked and managed through TIPWeb-IT. With complete oversight into his district’s inventory and reporting functionality when needed, he’s able to provide teachers and students with the technology they need, when they need it.

Beyond the streamlined efficiencies with the 1:1 initiative, Patterson USD also saw improvements in the time it takes to perform physical inventories. What used to take three to four weeks now takes two days. Moreover, De Pauw is able to track smaller devices across all of his sites, which he wasn’t able to do before. With more accurate and accessible inventory data, Patterson USD has a complete picture of what’s in their district’s inventory and a better understanding of how their district’s money is distributed.

“The amount of time saved during research and investigations of devices is dramatically reduced,” De Pauw said. “What used to take the cooperation of two to four people, days of email exchanges, file cabinet digging for PO tracking, and serial number look-ups now takes one search in TIPWeb-IT.”