San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

SBCSS supports special education with an integrated Asset Management and Help Desk  


Location: San Bernardino, CA

Campuses: 296

Enrollment: 4,000-5,000

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools or SBCSS, collaborates with districts, agencies, families, and government partners in San Bernadino County, assisting in adult education, special education, and juvenile halls. The 4.5 hour-wide county spans 33 school districts that serve an enrollment of 480,000 students. SBCSS works with 4,000-5,000 students in those three programs across 296 campuses in the largest county by geographic area in the United States This massive geographical coverage is a significant reason that SBCSS sought a streamlined, integrated platform to support the area.  


One challenge for SBCSS when it comes to asset management is our unique student base,” says Michael Carter, Network Administrator for SBCSSStudents may move programs multiple times in a year or even a semester. Because of this, SBCSS needed a system that allowed them to move a student in their SIS and not have to worry about the asset traveling with them in their asset management system. 

Before implementing GetHelp, SBCSS used a cumbersome solution that ultimately cost more time, money, and resources than it saved. The district began looking for a platform that would streamline tickets and work orders. When it came to asset management, SBCSS did not have a unified platform. Between spreadsheets and physical logs, individuals had to manually create reports in a centralized location. This is a time-consuming process that can leave a district at risk of human error, in addition to wasting resources and time.  

 “These children that we work with are the most vulnerable in our county,” says Michael Carter. These are students on reduced or free lunches, students with physical and mental challenges that we need specific services for promptly” Because of their need for specific equipment, reducing breakage becomes extremely important to ensure education for these students.   


TIPWeb-IT stores data in one centralized system, allowing SBCSS to manage the entire lifecycle of their assets with a solution that gives confidence in inventory data. With the district being so large and students moving to different programs frequently, TIPWeb-IT allows them to keep track of where assets were moving, increasing oversight and reducing stress associated with missing assets. 

GetHelp is the integrated help desk solution built to support K-12 school districts across the nation. With GetHelp, end users can feel confident that they are supported when submitting tickets. The integration of the two systems also allows technicians to see assigned asset details within the ticket, preventing the need to log in and out of disparate systems, ultimately saving time. 

Implementing this platform has reduced breakage-related delays, increased oversight, and given a better understanding of valuable data.  SBCSS can now easily support educators and families across their expansive county.   


Reduced Breakage Delays

Detailed Report Generation

Custom and Comprehensive Support

When moving to a 1:1 program, San Bernardino saw an increase in breakagesSince SBCSS has an integrated platform with TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp, end users can easily and quickly create a ticket to let SBCSS know of the breakage and prevent teaching and learning delays. Then they issue a working device right back to that student, allowing them to continue their education. Michael’s team can then fix the device and get it back into circulation quickly. Because of these two systems, SBCSS has been able to get devices out rapidly without worrying about loss by creating device stockpiles in different locations across San Bernardino County.

With TIPWeb-IT’s reporting features, and its ability to integrate with other systems such as Aeries SIS, SBCSS ensures students were not forgotten. These reports contain detailed information to answer questions such as “Are all our special education students being serviced? Do they have equipment? What kind of equipment? Is there still a need for this equipment? What’s the status of this item?” Answering these questions is extremely important to remain compliant with California regulations and prioritize the needs of students.

GetHelp allows SBCSS to provide custom and comprehensive supportBy creating custom problem types to meet their specific needs, SBCSS leverages the streamlined platform to meet unique needs and challenges. “When we have a temporary issue, we can create a problem category and have it available when needed,” says Michael. When the problem passes, we can mark it as inactive to avoid clutter.” 

It would take between 2 and 3 minutes to submit a ticket for their previous system because there was so much to fill out. With their new, user-friendly solution, GetHelp, users can potentially supply all needed information and submit a work order in under 30 seconds. With GetHelp and TIPWeb-IT together, technicians can access important information about the devices they are servicing, providing the resources teachers need to teach and that students need to learn.