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End of Year Device Collection Checklist

Prepared by Hayes Software Systems, below is a checklist to ensure your end of year device collection process runs smoothly.     Prepare for Device Collection  Establish collection locations   Identify roles and responsibilities of team members   Create device drop off schedule  Design traffic flow plan (i.e. one way lines for car drop off, etc.)  Determine team member training requirements on processes and procedures  Develop Device Collection Processes and Procedures  Choose workflows for statuses and notes (i.e. damage, storage)  Decide receipt delivery method (i.e. printed, email, signature capture)  Communicate Device Collection Process  Email parents and guardians collection process plan and schedules...

device checklist
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The Expert Guide to Tracking Assets for K-12 School Districts

Why Your District Needs an Inventory Audit Plan Now      Now more than ever, technology is being used as a powerful tool to track assets and provide education to students in hybrid and distance learning scenarios. School districts are distributing more equipment and materials, spending upwards of $13 billion on ed-tech for classrooms. As schools gain more valuable assets that enhance education, inventory...

Tracking Assets
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The Complete Guide to 1:1 Initiative Best Practices for K-12 School Districts

Explore Helpful Tips for 1:1 Tech Initiatives This year, schools all over the nation found themselves adjusting to a new remote learning environment, with very little time to adapt. 2020 saw many districts expanding or creating 1:1 programs with difficult circumstances, various limitations, and minimal preparation. We’ve been amazed by stories from school districts like yours. Hear from two industry professionals, Michael...

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How K-12 School Districts Can Leverage Help Desk & Asset Management Software to Enhance Education During a Pandemic

6 Ways to Simplify Remote Learning Efforts Using Software   The COVID-19 pandemic turned the education industry on its head, but even with all the stress and challenges of remote and hybrid learning, our customers have demonstrated remarkable innovation. We’re amazed at all the ways school districts adapted to the changes to best support students, faculty, and staff. We have learned so...

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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Help Desk for Your K-12 School District

How to Organize Your School District With a Help Desk Ticketing System   Technology specialists and technicians are the unsung heroes of school districts and often wear many hats in the course of a school day. Since the pandemic started, virtual learning has become the norm, so the need for tech support has increased exponentially.  If it seems like your support staff is...

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5 Tips To Amplify the Benefits of Your K-12 Help Desk

Learn How to Leverage Your Help Desk Software for Maximum Performance   If your team is like most K-12 school technology teams, the number of assets you’re supporting has grown tremendously while your team’s bandwidth to manage those assets is shrinking.  On most days – particularly now with virtual learning as the norm – it seems like you receive more tickets than you...

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K-12 School Districts’ Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Asset Management Software Investment

Developing Processes & Procedures for Asset Management: Get the most out of your software investment, accelerate the time to value, mitigate risk, and achieve better ROI   Successfully transforming your organization isn’t just about purchasing new software. You need the right people and processes in place to make sure that your new systems deliver the business value you need. Set Your School District Up...

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14 Questions To Ask When Evaluating A Help Desk System

This guide will provide you with key questions to ask vendors when evaluating help desk/ticketing management systems to ensure you choose the right system for your district. You’ll learn why it’s important to ask questions like: Can you create custom problem types for common tickets? Can you create ticket templates with custom fields based on the problem type? Is there a...

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10 Things to Consider When Managing Your Instructional Materials

Evaluating your inventory management strategy on these 10 key points can help you to identify areas of improvement to help you avoid: Interruptions in teaching and learning due to a lack of proper instructional materials. Budgetary challenges due to poor inventory planning and lost or missing assets. A lack of awareness of surplus, but usable, inventory. A reactive approach to...

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