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Help Desk Software for K-12 Schools

GetHelp is the #1 help desk software for schools. Quickly respond to tickets with GetHelp, so teachers, staff, and students stay focused on what matters most – teaching and learning.

Powerfully Integrated & Customizable

TIPWeb-IT integration allows quick access to view asset details such as serial number and location while creating a ticket in GetHelp – that includes your staff and students from the user portal.

Asset integration paired with the power to customize ticket details allows your team to resolve issues efficiently and effectively, without constant back-and-forth with your customers.

View an asset’s complete ticket history in TIPWeb-IT, empowering you to manage the entire lifecycle of your assets.

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Reporting & Analytics Designed for K-12

School districts generate insights through reporting that identifies areas where performance can be optimized and monitor the health of your school district’s assets.

Use standard and customizable reports to maintain visibility into department performance, team workflows, and trends that matter most.

  • Make confident, data-driven decisions
  • Save money, and resources
  • Free time and energy to focus on student success.

Streamlined Ticket Submission

Teachers, staff, and students can submit help desk tickets through an online portal with built-in short cuts for any assets already assigned to them.

  • Powerfully customizable ticket templates based on customized types and sub-types
  • Access meaningful details and data for swift resolution
  • Empower users with a knowledge base for independent issue resolution
  • Seamlessly communicate with end users to assist with tickets after submission

Use our calculator to project estimated time savings and ROI that your school district can gain by implementing GetHelp, the leading help desk software for schools in the US.

Managing the use, availability, and health of your school district’s assets is a growing responsibility.

That’s why we created GetHelp, help desk software for schools, a web-based tool integrated with TIPWeb-IT asset management software.

“Integrating GetHelp was so easy, it just took the flip of a switch to get started.”


GetHelp Help Desk Software for Schools is a Complete Technology Management and Support Solution

Asset Management Built In

Your Help Desk with Asset Management built in for a powerfully integrated platform

Dynamic Insights

Customizable reports and analytics that identify bottlenecks and streamline workflows

Customized for Success

Customize problem types, sub-problem types, and ticket fields to meet the unique needs of your school district

Fully Automated Platform

Support your school district on every level with a cloud-based system accessed through SSO capabilities

Standalone or Integrated

GetHelp is a powerful standalone or integrated pillar in the foundation of your school district’s technology platform

Setting You Up for Success

Hayes Hosted Tech-Specs

Read More About Tech-Specs

Dedicated IT support ensures that your data is backed up, your software is updated and maintenanced by experts.


GetHelp is a browser-based, secure platform, hosted on AWS, accessible via mobile & desktop browsers. (2048-Bit SSL).


Access GetHelp 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a guaranteed up-time availability of 99.99%.

The Customer Journey

Read More About The Customer Journey

Dedicated Implementation Team

You’ll be guided through the implementation phase by a dedicated team of experts.

Comprehensive Staff Training

Hayes Software Systems conducts training for users of the application that will outline how to maximize your software solution’s impact and efficiency for your staff.

Unlimited Customer Support

We pride ourselves in allowing every user, no matter how big or small the issue, unlimited access to an expert to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Scanners & Tags to Optimize Your Inventory Control

Read More About Scanners and Tags

Hayes offers a full range of asset tags and barcode labels. Our experts will help you determine which tags and labels are the best fit for your varied assets.


Automate processes with scanners and tags, increasing accountability and retention.


Handheld scanners are compatible with TIPWeb and will reduce human error caused by tedious, manual data entry.


Create a strong foundation for your inventory control with barcode labels, asset tags, and easy-to-use, handheld barcode scanners. For additional browser and platform specifications or recommendations, contact us.


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GetHelp is the integrated Help Desk Software for Schools built to support K-12 districts across the nation.

Support Your School District with an Integrated Help Desk System

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GetHelp integrates seamlessly with our asset management and instructional materials management software. Ready to learn more?