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Streamline Your Instructional Materials Management

Reduce your school district’s textbook losses with TIPWeb-IM, a simple, accurate instructional materials management solution. 

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Simplify Inventory Processes

Textbook and subscription details to view total inventory, warehouse storage, eligibility needs based on enrollment.

Easy Inventory Audits

Increase accuracy and save time with barcode scanners and by logging inventory by quantity. Increase efficiency by implementing a system designed from the ground up for managing instructional materials to improve processes and time spent. 

Ticket by ISBN

Track and manage multiple campus requests for the same title. Easily view textbook quantities at all sites across your school district to identify when materials are available to be utilized elsewhere.  

Use our calculator to project estimated time savings and ROI that your school district can gain by implementing TIPWeb-IM.

Manage unlimited textbooks, streamline campus requests and transfers, and coordinate electronic audits.

Avoid interruptions in learning by ensuring your students and teachers have the instructional materials they need to succeed. 

``TIPWeb-IM is a very organized software with many improvements and updates being rolled out constantly. Also, great customer service.”


TIPWeb-IM has been a great tool in our district for keeping up with inventory and saving us time, money, and the aggravation associated with books that are unaccounted for.``


“With TIPWeb-IM, we have seen a huge improvement in overall campus accountability. Campuses have stopped over-requesting materials and hoarding books because we’re able to respond to their requests quicker and more accurately.”


TIPWeb-IM Empowers Your School District to:

Streamline Data Entry

Reduce time spent on manual processes and increase accuracy 

Reunite Books & Owners

Reunite books & owners with the find-a-book feature 

Assess Student Charges Easily

Assess student charges easily to account for damaged or lost books 

Centralize Inventory

Centralize in a single system, so school district administrators have full oversight 


Automate between thirdparty systems like your SIS and HR systems

Track Unlimited Textbooks

Track unlimited textbooks, teacher editions, digital licenses, resource kits, and more. 

Setting You Up for Success

The Customer Journey

Read More About Scanners and Tags

Dedicated Implementation Team

You’ll be guided through the implementation phase by a dedicated team of experts.

Comprehensive Staff Training

Hayes Software Systems conducts training for users of the application that will outline how to maximize your software solution’s impact and efficiency for your staff.

Unlimited Customer Support

We pride ourselves in allowing every user, no matter how big or small the issue, unlimited access to an expert to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Scanners & Tags to Optimize Your Inventory Control

Read More About Scanners and Tags

Hayes offers a full range of asset tags and barcode labels. Our experts will help you determine which tags and labels are the best fit for your varied assets.


Automate processes with scanners and tags, increasing accountability and retention.


Handheld scanners are compatible with TIPWeb and will reduce human error caused by tedious, manual data entry.


Create a strong foundation for your inventory control with barcode labels, asset tags, and easy-to-use, handheld barcode scanners. For additional browser and platform specifications or recommendations, contact us.


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