Integrations Enhance Your Platform 

Our software integrations connect school district data from disparate systems to the Hayes Software Systems platform.  Don’t see your system? The most common K-12 integrations are below but there may be other customizations not listed. Contact us to discuss any other integration goals you have to elevate your entire platform.  

Enhance Your Asset Management Platform with Multiple Ways to Integrate 

API Integration

Streamline your systems with Application Programming Interface

Nightly Flat File Import 

Seamlessly synchronize data on a nightly basis

By integrating with your other systems, you can enrich the data and information that users can access, allowing greater oversight, enhanced access, and increased efficiencies. 

tipweb-it software

Student Information Systems 

Streamline asset assignment and support with school district SIS information. SIS integration creates streamlined data flow of student and teacher roster and schedule information, creating efficient processes for device assignment, help desk ticket management, parent access, and greater visibility into device history and fees.

Human Resource Information Systems 

Integrate school district HRIS information into the Hayes Software Systems platform for even more oversight. Seamless information sharing means easier support and higher visibility, empowering your staff to have confidence in your data. 

tipweb-it software
gethelp login screen

Single Sign-On  

Hayes Software Systems platform integrates with popular K-12 SSO providers. Enable users to log in to their accounts with their existing credentials, increasing security, and access oversight 

Mobile Device Management 

MDM and Asset Management together reinforce accountability, oversight, and tracking. By integrating device discovery information, including the last user logged into a device and OU assigned, your entire team has insight into how mobile devices are being used.  

instructional materials management software for school districts
tipweb-it example software

Purchasing System 

Ensure your assets start with all the critical funding details you need to tack their life cycle history. Budget codes, purchase price, and purchase dates are brought into the asset details, streamlining data entry and saving reporting time and effort.  

Fixed Asset System 

Integrating your fixed asset system records with your inventory solution is the most comprehensive way to impact your financial accounting records. Avoid duplicate data entry, paperwork and lag time to have your current device and equipment location and status changes sent directly to your fixed asset system.

instructional materials management tagging

manual data entry, increase data accuracy and efficiency with automated processes 


valuable data in one powerful platform so you know what you have, where it is, and how it’s being used 


visibility across school district assets so that you can make confident data-driven decisions 

Don’t see your system? We integrate with countless applications! Contact us to discuss how you can elevate your entire platform with integrations. 





Microsoft ADFS 


Google Cloud Identity 

Google Admin Console* 

Microsoft Azure 



* Nightly flat file import to seamlessly synchronize data on a nightly basis 

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