Physical Inventory Services for K-12

Your administrators already have limited bandwidth. Outsource inventory services and let us do the hard work for you so you’re free to spend time and energy doing what really matters: enabling educators and students to teach and learn.

Gain Confidence in Your Data

With Hayes’ physical inventory services, you can gain confidence in the school district’s inventory data and establish a baseline inventory of your assets and materials. Not only can you save your team the time and hassle of coordinating and executing an exhaustive audit, your school district can integrate the most updated information into your inventory control platform.

Save Time, Gain Confidence

Our team will perform a physical audit of all assets in your school district, updating data in your TIPWeb system. As a result, you’ll reduce losses, hold students and staff accountable, and save both time and money. The team will go wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling to locate and identify all assets or instructional materials. Quality control checkpoints in the process ensure thorough and accurate deliverables. Upon completion, we provide you with live data in your inventory software platform.

Learn how Hayes helped Lockhart ISD

Transforming the asset inventory practices of Lockhart ISD’s 13 campuses is no small task. The school district struggled recording and maintaining accurate inventory numbers, which made planning technology purchases incredibly challenging. Learn how Hayes helped Lockhart ISD (TX) search for technology assets across 13 school buildings in 5 days to create an accurate baseline inventory.

Use our calculator to project estimated time savings and ROI that your school district can gain by implementing Physical Inventory Services.

ProBar and Hayes Software Systems have been working together to provide a turnkey solution for school districts across the U.S. for almost a decade. With a streamlined process that bundles inventory services with inventory management software, school districts can establish a clean baseline and gain confidence in their inventory data.

“We entertained the idea of taking the inventory ourselves for a long time, and I am so glad we didn’t.”


“In districts that have been without inventory for 2+ years, we’re seeing as high as 40%-50% of assets that we’re finding are new to the district.”


Inventory Services That Give You Confidence in Your Data

Asset Management

A complete inventory baseline of all found school district assets

Instructional Materials

Establish an inventory baseline of all school district materials/textbooks

Confidence in Your Data

Ensure that all school district materials are tagged and scanned

Update Your Inventory Platform

 Updated information across your asset management platform

Save Time & Hassle

Save your team the time and hassle of coordinating and executing an exhaustive audit

Instructional Materials

Reduce risk with an outsourced and impartial inventory team

Don't be left to count your own devices!

Start fresh by planning your school district’s upcoming inventory today.