TIPWeb-IT with RFID Mobile Application Release 1.7

The most recent release of TIPWeb-IT with RFID Mobile allows users to conduct fast and secure inventory audits either using RFID or barcode readers on their mobile device application. Simply connect your mobile device to a compatible reader and improve your district’s inventory and data accuracy through routine auditing. 
TIPWeb-IT with RFID Mobile Application Release 1.7 includes:
  • Inventory audits and room to room transfers 
  • Update the tag number of an asset 
  • Associate and exclude RFID tags from your inventory audit 
  • Create new assets as they are discovered and add new inventory to a room during an audit


Requirements needed to use TIPWeb-IT with RFID Mobile Application:
  • Active license to TIPWeb-IT online asset management software 
  • RFID Reader Requirements 
  • Compatible Turck Model RFID Reader 
  • Passive RFID tags 
  • Barcode Reader Requirements 
  • Compatible barcode reader or device camera


To setup Mobile-IT on your device, click on set up mobile and in your TIPWeb-IT application

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