Ector County ISD chooses TIPWeb-IT

Ector County ISD is a public school district based in Odessa, Texas. With 38 campuses and over 32,000 students, ECISD is a growing district in a booming region. Ector County is notably home to three high schools, the most well-known being Permian High School, the subject of the book Friday Night Lights.


ECSID has been a customer of Hayes since 2012, utilizing TIPWeb-IM to track instructional materials and textbooks. Prior to implementing TIPWeb-IT, the district has been tracking their 20,000+ devices in spreadsheets. This manual process left ECISD vulnerable to audits, without a good way to forecast tech refreshes, and with inaccurate or fragmented data.

With TIPWeb-IT, the district’s asset management will be streamlined and efficient, helping give Ector County a clear look at the lifecycle of each device across the district. With greater ease of use and unlimited users, ECISD is now confident in their centralized, secure data. This allows them to forecast tech refreshes, easily track assets throughout their lifecycles, and execute 1:1 take-home initiatives in high schools across the district. By knowing exactly what assets they have, where they live, and how they’re being utilized, ECISD can save time, money, and resources.

In addition to upgrading their asset management system with TIPWeb-IT, ECISD is taking it a step further by choosing the integrated helpdesk solution, GetHelp. They are adding TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp as an integrated help desk and asset management solution to better support teaching and learning for their growing district.

By adding TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp solutions to their repository, ECISD can better support their current and future students. As a member of the Hayes family, growing school districts like Ector County are supported by a team of inventory control experts who care about success. Learn how TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp can save your district time and money by scheduling a demo today.

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