GetHelp 4.3 Release

In the latest update to GetHelp, we are excited to roll out new features that allow administrators to further segment tickets by service group, streamlining workflows as much as possible. Additionally, your administrators can further customize permissions, giving your district even more options to customize.



Below you can find some of the latest release features that are now currently available to GetHelp customers:

GetHelp 4.3 Release Features

Problem Type by Service Group

  • Allow for multiple departments, groups, or teams to all utilize GetHelp, while only  viewing
    problem types specific to their work. By relating ticket problem types to service groups, admins can now separate tickets for support and requests for specific groups (such as maintenance and technology), so tickets are only visible to the technicians that work them.

Customized User Permissions for Service Technicians

  • Allow for different levels of permissions across technicians. By creating a role template, admins can easily apply or remove capabilities for technicians in GetHelp, which include ticket permissions, unassigned and all tickets page access, analytics access, and knowledge base article creation. A few helpful role examples would be if your district has students working the help desk or if you need a “view-only” role such as a principal.


Hayes Software Services has been serving the K-12 industry since 1990, and today we’re still on a mission to equip districts everywhere with an integrated system that makes it easier to support teaching and learning.


GetHelp is Designed to Meet the Needs of School Districts

As your district grows, your assets grow, as does their impact on the classroom, and the problems you’re solving will increase at an even higher rate. GetHelp makes it easy to manage the influx of work orders so you can spend less time managing tickets, and more time resolving them. Teachers, staff, and students can submit help desk tickets through an online portal with built-in short cuts for any assets already assigned to them in TIPWeb-IT. By integrating your platform with other systems, such as your SIS, you can simplify workflows with even further automation. By integrating GetHelp with TIPWeb-IT, providing customizable workflows, and maximizing visibility of your district’s asset health, your district can save time, money and resources.

Remember that we’re here to support you while you support your district and ultimately empower educators.

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