GetHelp 4.5 Product Release

The most recent GetHelp release includes features designed to further streamline your workflows and simplify ticket management.


By popular demand, we’re introducing approval workflows that can be triggered by automation for your district needsFour new ticket statuses including Request Approval, Pending, Denied, and Approved along with conditional routing will allow you to automate tickets to the necessary staff members for work consent. 

In addition, were also introducing automation that can be triggered when tickets are updated, such as automatically moving a ticket from one status to another. Through this type of automation, you can now auto-close tickets from resolution, saving yourself the extra step of closing out tickets. 

 Lastlyservice providers can now add “Followers” directly to a ticket and notify those who should be aware of an issue or work order. 

GetHelp 4.5 Release Features Include: 


  • Approval Workflowsadmin can insert approval workflows based on ticket type or before tickets are started  
  • Ticket Update Automation: create automation rules to trigger when tickets are updated 
  • Auto-Close Tickets: set up ticket update rules to close tickets automatically after resolution 
  • Ticket Followers: add followers directly on a ticket for additional notifications 
  • Expanded Search Criteria: search for tickets by tag and serial number 

GetHelp is Designed to Meet the Needs of School Districts 


As your district grows, your assets grow, as does their impact on the classroom, and the problems you’re solving will increase at an even higher rate. GetHelp makes it easy to manage the influx of work orders so you can spend less time managing tickets, and more time resolving them. Teachers, staff, and students can submit help desk tickets through an online portal with built-in short cuts for any assets already assigned to them in TIPWeb-IT. By integrating your platform with other systems, such as your SIS, you can simplify workflows with even further automation. By integrating GetHelp with TIPWeb-IT, providing customizable workflows, and maximizing visibility of your district’s asset health, your district can save time, money and resources. 

Remember that we’re here to support you while you support your district and ultimately empower educators. 

Contact us to learn how GetHelp can empower your district. 

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