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This summer, you’re hard at work getting everything ready for the upcoming school year, and we’re hard at work rolling out new updates that make GetHelp work better for you. Last week, we rolled out the powerful new GetHelp Analytics feature that allows you to run dynamic reports that identify bottlenecks and streamline workflows.

We’re excited to welcome a new enhancement that allows you to add sub-problems to problem types in GetHelp. You can now use GetHelp more effectively across multiple departments in your district, streamline workflows, and generate valuable reporting.



How GetHelp Sub-Types Can Enhance Your District

Multiple Departments

This newest enhancement opens the door for multiple departments to utilize the GetHelp application. GetHelp now has the capability to support not only your district’s IT department, but now, it can positively impact your entire district, including facilities, maintenance, operations, and HR. Additionally, you can use GetHelp to empower each school with the ability to manage individual school building tickets. Streamline even more processes and workflows, from broken devices to onboarding a new employee, to basic maintenance and operations requests, all within a single system.


In addition to the ability to create unlimited problem types, GetHelp provides up to 3 subsequent levels of problem sub-types. These cascading tiers of problem sub-types open the door to even more detailed customization. GetHelp already has built-in, customizable ticket creation templates, allowing you to define specific custom fields based on the problem types the staff member or student selects. Now, your district can customize those sub-problem types to prompt more accurate information, so your team can resolve tickets faster.


GetHelp just got even more powerful with the addition of Analytics, allowing your district to generate insights and reports that increase efficiency. With the addition of sub-problem types, GetHelp Analytics’ capabilities are expanded even further. With the ability to group your analytics to even more segments, you can drill down your data. Uncover hyper-specific results that you can extract from problem type and sub-problem type field options in your tickets.

GetHelp is Designed to Meet the Needs of School Districts

As your district grows, your assets grow, and technology’s impact on the classroom grow, the problems you’re solving grow at an even higher rate.  By integrating GetHelp with TIPWeb-IT, providing customizable workflows, and maximizing visibility of your district’s asset health, your district can save time, money and resources. Remember that we’re here to support you while you support your district and ultimately empower educators.

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