Hayes Software Systems and Xclusive Staffing Collaborate to Provide Sanitization Services To K-12 Schools

Keeping K-12 Staff and Students Safe through Sanitization Services 

AUSTIN, Texas, April 20th, 2020: Hayes Software Systems is partnering with Xclusive Staffing to provide additional services to K-12 school systems across the nation.  

Hayes has been providing inventory management solutions to schools since 1990. Xclusive Staffing brings 17 years of specialization in deep cleaning in multiple industries, including hospitals and hotels, to Hayes portfolio of services. 

By partnering with Xclusive Staffing, Hayes Software Systems now offers a complete sanitization solution to schools. The new offering ensures mobile devices used for remote learning, on-site facilities, and buses are sanitized properly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.  

Through this collaboration, school administrators have multiple options for cleaning devices and district facilities.  Schools can select the solution that fits the needs of their school system including:  

  • Conduct a deep cleaning of all school facilities and sanitize all assets while simultaneously conducting a physical inventory, integrating the most updated information into their asset management platform so that their inventory can be just as clean as their district 
  • Prepare and sanitize devices for remote learningbarcoding, cleaning and sanitizing each device before they are sent home in the hands of staff and students. As devices are entering back into the district, whether for repair or at the end of instruction, sanitization can be performed on devices during collection.  
  • Districts can choose to sanitize buildings, devices, entranceways, high-touch surfaces, busses, and busy classrooms that are vulnerable the spread of germs. 

The team at both Hayes Software Systems and Xclusive Staffing are dedicated to helping school districts as they overcome new challenges. Sanitization services ensures confidence in clean learning environments and thoroughly sanitized devices that enable learning beyond the classroom.  

At Hayes, our priority is to serve educators and support them in whatever way we can,” says Matt Winebright, CEO and President of Hayes Software Systems. “We are watching as our customers are rising up to perform heroic feats to provide students with virtual instruction. We’ve helped schools keep track of those materials and technology that goes home with students for 30 years. Now we’re also helping our customers keep those things safe and clean as well. We are excited to work with a team of experts that specialize in the deep cleaning of hospitals and hotels, industries where patrons rely on experts to maintain healthy environments. By combining forces with Xclusive Staffingwe can help our customers overcome obstacles, enabling them to spend their time focusing on what matters most educating students.”  

Xclusive Staffing focuses on people; our employees, our clients, and our communities,” said Diane Astley, CEO of Xclusive Staffing. “This drives a sense of purpose and a high level of execution, which then positions Xclusive Staffing to perform at a benchmark levels for our clients. We instill a sense of genuine care in our client-vendor relationships in every venture we undertake. By partnering with Hayes Software Systems, Xclusive Staffing will leverage its industry leading performance in cleaning and sanitization to help keep our children safe and protected during this challenging time.”  



About Hayes Software Systems 

By offering SaaS solutions and services tailor-made for the unique needs of education professionals for nearly 30 years, Hayes has helped over 8,000 schools, including 35 of the largest 100 districts in the country, implement asset management solutions. Hayes is a privately held company specializing in asset management software and services to support K-12 inventory accountability. While primarily servicing K-12 school systems, Hayes also has customers in higher education, state agencies, and government entities. 

About Xclusive Staffing 

Xclusive Staffing is the industry leader and trusted partner of hundreds of clients across the country across multiple industries. As the preferred partner of multiple national hospitality companies, Xclusive has grown to meet needs for clients in several industries.  

The staff at Xclusive Staffing is certified through the CleanCheck Training System, a learning platform through Spartan Chemicals accredited by the ISSA Cleaning Institute. The Xclusive team uses cleaning products that are safe and green, designed to protect the health of educators and students without being harmful or harsh.  



Rebecca Rosas | Director of Marketing at Hayes Software Systems 


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