Hayes Software Systems Announces the Launch of a K-12 Focused Help Desk Solution, GetHelp

June 26, 2017 Hayes Software Systems, the leader in asset management software and services for the K-12 education market, has announced the release of a help desk product scheduled for October 1, 2017. GetHelp is a cloud-based help desk solution that will revolutionize how K-12 school districts provide asset management support to students, staff, and teachers.

This new product was driven by Hayes’ commitment to helping students and districts succeed. Hayes recognized the challenge districts are facing as the number of assets they own continues to rise while support staff size stays the same. The introduction of GetHelp improves staff efficiency to respond to support requests.

“We know that quick resolution is a top priority for service teams and they want to enable teachers to focus on student success in the classroom rather than spending time troubleshooting technology issues,” said Anna Maxin, Vice President of Product Management. “These classroom devices are critical to daily instruction and testing, and are a strategic component of districts’ overall goal of student success, we want to make it easy for district staff to improve turn-around-time. We’ve found the help desk software choices school districts currently have don’t address the unique needs of K-12.”

GetHelp will integrate directly with Hayes’ leading school asset inventory management software, TIPWeb-IT, which is designed specifically for K-12 inventhttps://hayessoft1.wpengine.com/products-services/asset-management-solution-tipweb-itory control of mobile and fixed assets across buildings and rooms, as well as inventory assigned to staff and students. With GetHelp, districts can see details about assets, such as serial number and assigned location tracked in TIPWeb-IT, all while resolving ticket requests. Additionally, information from GetHelp will display in TIPWeb-IT to have a complete overview of all tickets, current and historical, that have been opened for assets.

“A large part of our continued success is that we understand and embrace that K-12 needs are unique,” said Matt Winebright, CEO and President of Hayes. “They asked for a help desk solution to match these needs and we answered. By integrating GetHelp with our asset inventory management software, we’re helping our customers save time and energy. We are even further differentiating ourselves in the K-12 space through consistently listening to what our customers want and then making bold choices to respond in ways that solve their problems.”

Hayes kept students top-of-mind when creating this software, whereas most help desk solutions have a different type of customer in mind. Knowing GetHelp will be used primarily by students of all ages and their teachers, Hayes made sure to tailor user accessibility to the K-12 education market. GetHelp allows users to manage their tickets, service technicians to prioritize issues by things like problem type and status, send email notifications whenever a ticket is created or updated, and export those ticket details.

Interested in learning about how GetHelp can benefit your school district? Contact Hayes today.

About Hayes Software Systems

By offering SaaS software and services tailor-made for the unique needs of education professionals for over 27 years, Hayes has helped over 7,100 schools across 34 states (including 33 of the top 100 districts in the country) implement asset management solutions.

Hayes is a privately held company specializing in asset management software and consulting services to support K-12 mobile and fixed assets as well as instructional material accountability. While primarily servicing K-12 school systems, Hayes also has customers in higher education, state agencies, and government entities. For more information, visit www.hayessoft.com.


Sara Arthrell, Hayes Software Director of Marketing, sarthrell@hayessoft.com

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