Hayes Software Systems Helps Prepare Texas District to Deploy 27,000 Mobile Learning Devices

May 4, 2012 – Hayes Software Systems was selected to help McAllen ISD, a South Texas school district, implement one of the most ambitious, district-wide 1:1, mobile technology campaigns in the country. This initiative will put an iPad or iTouch device into the hands of all of its students—from high school seniors down to kindergarten—more than 25,000 students in all, as well as every teacher and administrator.

When McAllen ISD rolled out its first 6,803 iPad and iPod Touch Devices, fiscal responsibility was a top priority. It was intent on showing the community that the school district could take care of the money entrusted to it to put its school system on the cutting edge of technology for instruction. In preparing to roll out this initiative to the students, McAllen ISD realized it needed an automated process in place to safeguard the community’s investment. The software and procedures it needed to manage the deployment had to be in place in three weeks. District Instructional Technology leaders turned to Hayes Software Systems for a K-12 optimized IT asset management solution.

“Our goal–to distribute the first wave of iPads for the initiative– was aggressive. We needed a partner who could help us track security deposits and distribution to students, as well as provide detailed reporting for accountability and transparency to our community to be a part of the TLC3 initiative,” says Carmen Garcia, Director of Instructional Technology at McAllen ISD.

Hayes Software Systems’ TIPWeb-IT, software for instructional technology management, addresses the innovative learning tools in which school districts are investing their curriculum dollar. McAllen ISD can now manage and track the life cycle of not only its iPads and iTouches with the TIPWeb-IT software, but also notebooks, projectors, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, and other technology assets and special education assistive equipment as well.

In addition to providing software that automates the inventory management processes, Hayes’ consulting service experts also work with customers to set up “best practices” for districts who are new to IT asset management and who need a comprehensive program.

“We are incredibly happy to provide McAllen ISD with software, training, and consulting services to help them reach their goals. We all knew going in that the product ‘Go-Live’ was on a tight timeline, but we knew how important this roll-out was to our customer. We care deeply about making sure our customers are satisfied and that every project is successful,” says Debbie Disler, Vice President of Customer Support and Training at Hayes. “We’ve partnered with McAllen ISD by helping them manage their instructional materials for years. I think it’s only fitting that we’re able to help them as their needs change.”

About Hayes Software Systems

Hayes Software Systems is a privately held company specializing in inventory control solutions to automate K-12 instructional technology and instructional material accountability. By incorporating respected methodologies with the unique needs of education professionals for over 20 years, Hayes has helped over 700 districts across the United States make the most out of resource investments into their 21st century learning environment. TIPWeb solutions support the workflow and planning necessary to manage and track instructional resources to students and teachers. For more information, visit www.hayessoft.com.

For more information on how Hayes Software Systems can help your district with its implementation of technology asset or instructional material distribution, please contact Matt Winebright using the contact information below.

About McAllen ISD’s TLC3

TLC3 (TLC cubed) stands for Transforming Learning in the Classroom, Campus and Community. It’s an innovative teaching and learning framework that leverages powerful new technologies and merges them with an advanced concept known as challenge-based learning. It empowers students to live and learn in a continuously changing 21st century environment and enables them to effectively interact in a global marketplace. Visit www.mcallenisd.org for more information.

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