Hayes Software Systems Newest Product Release Saves Districts Time

April 30, 2012 – Continuing Hayes Software Systems’ (Hayes) commitment to customer service and ease of use, the release of TIPWeb-IM offers features with the goal of supporting school level program adoption and district success.

After listening to customer feedback Hayes learned that district staff, particularly in large districts, wanted to be able to access individual school records with ease and be able to switch between them with a hands-on view. To address this, the newest version of TIPWeb-IM offers district administrators a “Campus Impersonating” view of their instructional materials at a campus level without having to log out and re-login for that campus.

“The users at a district level will now be able to provide support to the campus users when they are called upon for help because they can now easily view exactly what the schools are seeing,” said Shawn Carlson, Director of Operations and Senior Product Manager.

Another feature included in version is the ability to view district and school statistics on a one-stop dashboard. These statistics will provide a summary of instructional material inventory that includes the quantity and value of what is district owned as well as school level fines and fees. This is a great tool for the district to monitor the health of the district’s spending on instructional materials and for school principals to report losses and inventory usage.

This update incorporates over 20 enhancements that will save those who use Hayes Software Systems time. Current TIPWeb-IM users began receiving the update to TIPWeb-IM in early April. It will be conveniently implemented for each district at a time of the district’s choosing by a Hayes support specialist. Hayes’ web-based TIPWeb platform is the leading instructional material (IM) and IT asset management automation product for the K-12 marketplace in North America.

About Hayes Software Systems

Hayes Software Systems is a privately held company specializing in inventory control solutions to automate K-12 instructional technology and instructional material accountability. By incorporating respected methodologies with the unique needs of education professionals for over 20 years, Hayes has helped over 700 districts across the United States make the most out of resource investments into their 21st century learning environment. TIPWeb solutions support the workflow and planning required by districts to manage and track instructional resources to students and teachers. For more information, visit www.hayessoft.com.

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