Hayes Software Systems Releases Milestone Update…Asset Inventory is Going Mobile

December 20, 2012 – Continuing Hayes Software Systems’ innovation in instructional technology and material management, the release of TIPWeb-IT version 2.6 offers groundbreaking mobile inventory tracking functionality to provide a comprehensive IT asset life-cycle management solution for school districts.

This milestone release enables school systems to quickly and efficiently capture and track asset locations through a physical inventory management process. TIPWeb-IT’s mobile audit functionality lets schools create, edit, and finalize physical inventory audits using any web-enabled mobile device, including the iPad, iPhone, iTouch, as well as Android and Windows devices.

TIPWeb-IT version 2.6 provides a seamless experience so users can conduct an asset audit at any point in the school year. This capability is integrated into the TIPWeb-IT asset management software to resolve issues of missing or misplaced inventory in real-time.

“Providing an easy-to-use, real-time inventory taking tool has been a critical goal for our team. Districts are about to conduct inventory for yearly budgeting and property insurance preparation. If schools cannot accurately manage and audit their assets they cannot make informed decisions,” says Anna Maxin, Chief Operations Officer at Hayes Software Systems. “We strive to make the inventory tracking process as convenient as possible so anybody can manage physical inventory quickly and with little training.”

Conducting physical inventory audits has not traditionally been easy or cost effective for school districts. Districts can spend $1,000 to $6,000 per building to have inventory audits conducted by contracted vendors. While this may provide unbiased results, the expense is prohibitive for many schools. Schools that audit their own inventory often save on those costs, yet often produce inaccurate data due to inefficient paper or manual spreadsheet inventory management systems and spend countless hours of valuable time.

The TIPWeb-IT software is specifically designed to accommodate school districts that need to take inventory of assets in multiple rooms at numerous campus sites. The new inventory auditing functionality in TIPWeb-IT version 2.6 will help school districts increase accountability and data accuracy, resulting in the opportunity for improved fiscal responsibility.

The update also incorporates 13 other software enhancements focusing on item management for 1:1 initiatives to both students and teachers, marking the sixth update to the TIPWeb-IT software application in 2012.

“Hayes Software Systems makes it a priority to listen to and understand client goals. We are committed to developing products that evolve with quickly changing customer needs to accommodate tighter school budgets and staff that constantly has to do more with less.”

About Hayes Software Systems

Hayes Software Systems is a privately held company specializing in inventory control solutions to automate K-12 instructional technology, instructional material, and textbook accountability. By incorporating respected methodologies with the unique needs of education professionals for over 20 years, Hayes has helped over 700 school systems across 38 states and 4 countries implement inventory control solutions. While primarily servicing K-12 school systems Hayes also has customers in higher education, cities, state agencies, and government entities. For more information, visit www.hayessoft.com.

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