Introducing GetHelp Reporting

Dynamic Insights Designed for K-12

GetHelp Help Desk Software

GetHelp is the integrated help desk solution that works seamlessly with TIPWeb-IT. With GetHelp, your district can manage tickets with ease, streamlining workflows, and providing a snapshot of the use and health of your entire district’s assets…. And it just got more powerful. In the latest update, we’ve added dynamic insights designed for K-12, allowing users to create reports that identify bottlenecks and streamline workflows.



Technology continues to revolutionize classrooms across the nation, which introduces a growing number of new challenges for K-12 administrators. Your district’s technicians are on the front lines, using tools that change the way K-12 education impacts the lives of students.


As your team creates new efficiencies for monitoring the use and health of your district’s assets, we’re hard at work improving and optimizing how well your tools work for you. That’s why we’ve created a new and powerful analytics feature designed to equip your district with reporting functions that identify meaningful details.


GetHelp is designed to help technicians streamline their workflow by integrating a powerful web-based help desk with TIPWeb-IT. We believe that integrating data across all of your systems and creating streamlined workflows can empower your district to best support teaching and learning.


Configure reports in GetHelp that allow you to identify what efficiencies can be created or workflows that are missing in order to streamline ticket management. Analytic tools can help you see what is happening in your districts, but even more importantly, it can help you see what’s not happening. By highlighting bottlenecks, your team can better overcome obstacles, increase productivity, manage your team’s workload, and keep track of what’s important: supporting education.


Leaders in your organization can identify trends and gain confidence and insights into the health of their assets using GetHelp Analytics. Most importantly, with TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp, you can implement a complete technology management and support solution that empowers your district. Make confident, data-driven decisions that save time, money, and resources, eliminating duplicate data entry, and reducing the need for disparate systems.


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By offering SaaS software and services tailor-made for the unique needs of education professionals for nearly 30 years, Hayes has helped over 8,000 schools, including 35 of the largest 100 districts in the country, implement asset management solutions.

Hayes is a privately held company specializing in asset management software and services to support K-12 inventory accountability. While primarily servicing K-12 school systems, Hayes also has customers in higher education, state agencies, and government entities.

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