Largest School District in Arizona, Mesa Public Schools, Implements TIPWeb-IT for 1:1 Initiative

March 17, 2017 – Mesa Public Schools, the largest public school district in the state of Arizona, has selected Hayes Software Systems’ TIPWeb-IT for asset inventory management, inspired by their 1:1 initiative.

Mesa’s partnership with Hayes was sparked by our ability to help streamline inventory efficiencies, increase accountability, and deliver transparency, specifically when managing the implementation and oversight of Mesa’s 1:1 initiative. Mesa’s switch to TIPWeb-IT, a system tailored specifically to the needs of K-12 districts, will allow them to accurately and efficiently track the location and status of 1:1 assets across various schools.

With the device collection process beginning in May of this year, Mesa’s initial focus is on ensuring students can quickly and efficiently turn in their inventory at the end of the 2017 school year. The previous process proved to be inefficient when they learned many students had multiple devices incorrectly assigned to them. Worried about increasing data inaccuracies, Mesa began utilizing spreadsheets to ensure students had the right device. Now with TIPWeb-IT, they can quickly and easily assign specific assets to individual students without worrying about duplicate data inaccuracies, all within one centralized database.

The project will include strategic system integrations between TIPWeb-IT and the district’s purchasing and student information systems, each designed to save time and decrease data inconsistencies. In addition, Mesa will partner with Hayes’ consulting services team to help ensure user adoption of TIPWeb-IT while aligning inventory management roles and responsibilities.

With a new inventory management solution and improved processes, Mesa will more accurately and efficiently manage their 1:1 initiative using TIPWeb-IT, ultimately saving the district time and money. Interested in learning more about how we’ve helped other districts find the solution they need to manage their inventory? Read more about our solutions here!

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