Largest School District in New Mexico Upgrades Textbook Management System with TIPWeb-IM from Hayes Software Systems

June 16, 2014 – From Efficient Material Requests to Real-Time Data Collection, Albuquerque Public Schools Anticipates Exceptional Textbook Management Performance.

The Albuquerque Public Schools district, the largest school district in New Mexico and the 30th largest in the U.S., announced that it will replace its former textbook inventory system with TIPWeb-IM from Hayes Software Systems. The upgrade, which is district-wide, will benefit all 140 schools and 89,000 students, and advance the district’s textbook and instructional material management in several critical ways. That includes managing inventory with fewer resources, tracking textbook data in real-time, and closing its current gaps in inventory management. Hayes will also provide system integration, physical inventory services, client engagement services, and aid the district in ongoing performance evaluation and monitoring of processes and efficiencies.

“In addition to a great technology tool, Hayes has provided us with great expertise to help us build and implement best practices for the Albuquerque Public Schools district,” said Rose-Ann McKernan, Executive Director of Instructional Accountability, Albuquerque Public Schools. “The Hayes team has been great at listening to us, understanding the uniqueness of a district that covers both urban and rural areas, and working with us to build policies and practices that we are successfully implementing, district-wide. In addition, their implementation process is as thought out and focused as any vendor we have worked with.”

Unlike Albuquerque’s former system, which required manual, time intensive, and inefficient processes, the web-based TIPWeb-IM software supports processes that are specific to the ideal method for managing textbooks. Albuquerque PS will streamline and consolidate the entire process — from efficient day-to-day material requests and returns, to real-time inventory tracking for annual audits and budget planning. The school district predicts these improvements will reduce both district and campus staff time, eliminate frustration and errors, improve inventory control, lower textbook management expenses, and support cost-effective inventory acquisition decisions.

Additionally, the school district anticipates that TIPWeb-IM will help overcome its long-standing process-compliance challenges, which have resulted in incomplete textbook and material inventory records at the schools.

“Our campus staff members simply do not have enough hours in the day to not be using the most efficient system specifically designed for textbook management,” said Rachel Altobelli, Manager for Library Services and Instructional Materials, Albuquerque Public Schools. “We’ve had gaps in inventory data across the district. What we were missing was a comprehensive, real-time textbook and instructional materials management system that makes inventory management easier, less time consuming, and more accurate. With TIPWeb-IM we are anticipating relieving our schools of a monumental burden, improving inventory distribution, and achieving much greater control over our instructional material inventory.  We have over half a million instructional materials and textbooks.  We want to be as accommodating to our campus personnel as possible by giving them a system that saves them time and effort. Thanks to all of the advantages, the decision to switch to Hayes’ textbook management system made sense. ”

“We are really excited to help the Albuquerque Public Schools district overcome its textbook management gaps, and advance its textbook management capabilities with web-based efficiency,” said Matt Winebright, CEO and President at Hayes Software Systems. “This is the ideal partner for us. They have outstanding professionals at APS, now we get to supplement their natural understanding of textbook management with a better automated solution.”


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