National Leader in Education Technology, Blue Valley School District in Kansas, Chooses TIPWeb-IT to Manage 1:1 Devices

Blue Valley School District Logo February 26, 2019 – Blue Valley School District, the fourth largest school district in Kansas, has chosen Hayes Software Systems’ TIPWeb-IT inventory management software to streamline their oversight of 15,000 1:1 student devices. The district, a nationally recognized leader in education technology, will now be able to manage the complete lifecycle of their assets and better support teaching and learning for their 22,000 students.

Blue Valley launched a 1:1 student device initiative and recognized their inventory spreadsheets couldn’t support complex tasks such as assigning devices and assessing fees across 5 high schools and 9 middle school campuses. Their initial plan was to build an inventory system in-house, but the breadth and depth of K-12 specific features in TIPWeb-IT convinced them to choose the cloud-based software instead.

Following the initial deployment in Spring 2019, the district will follow a 3-year refresh cycle at middle schools and 4-year refresh cycle at high schools. Students will receive a district-provided Chromebook when they enter the sixth grade and will keep that Chromebook through their eighth grade year. Students entering the ninth grade will receive a district-provided Macbook Air and will keep that device through their senior year. It was critical to have a user friendly inventory system to protect their investment. Both district and campus staff will be able to easily track the assignment, location, and status of devices in a centralized database.

Strategic system integrations with Blue Valley’s student information, human resources, mobile device management, and fee management system will create further efficiencies and reduce duplicate data entry for staff. Additional services include the development of a customized inventory procedures manual designed to increase efficiency and support long term adoption of new inventory roles and responsibilities. Hayes will deliver training in a train-the-trainer model to further encourage consistent usage of the application.

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