Rabun Co School District chooses Hayes for Inventory Management and HelpDesk Integration

Rabun County School District is a growing school district in Georgia serving over 2200 students across 6 campuses.

This summer, Rabun County is implementing TIPWeb-IT to inventory assets and rollout a 1:1 initiative to 9th graders in the county. In addition to gaining an asset management system that can grow as the district grows, Rabun is implementing a cloud-based, integrated help desk software built for the unique needs of K-12 education. GetHelp is the modern K-12 help desk solution designed to work seamlessly with TIPWeb-IT.


With asset management built directly into the workflows of ticket resolution, the school district’s technicians see information related to an asset without having to log in and out of disparate systems. GetHelp makes it easy to manage the growing influx of work orders so administrators can spend less time managing tickets, and more time resolving them. With single sign-on capability, the district has the option to allow staff, faculty, and even students to create tickets and see assets issued for both individual use or their classrooms.

Without an integrated system to manage the county’s assets, districts like Rabun are vulnerable to inaccurate asset tracking and audit preparation. Now, Rabun will have a streamlined system, giving technicians and administrators confidence in each asset they have available, where each asset lives, and how it is being used to help teachers to teach and students to learn.

As a member of the Hayes family, growing School Districts like Rabun are supported by a team of inventory control experts who care about success. Learn how TIPWeb-IT and GetHelp can save your district time and money by scheduling a demo today.


About Hayes Software Systems

By offering SaaS software and services tailor-made for the unique needs of education professionals for nearly 30 years, Hayes has helped over 8,000 schools, including 35 of the largest 100 districts in the country, implement asset management solutions.

Hayes is a privately held company specializing in asset management software and services to support K-12 inventory accountability. While primarily servicing K-12 school systems, Hayes also has customers in higher education, state agencies, and government entities.

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